Construction Projects

Project Name Location Estimated Completion Detour Information Latest Updates

 Quail Hollow Trail

 This project is located on Quail Hollow Trail, over Jacks Creek.
October 2019 View Detour Here

A portion of Quail Hollow Trail will be closed to all traffic for approximately six weeks beginning September 9, 2019.
We have coordinated the bus route with Gwinnett County Public Schools and a clearly marked detour will be in place.

A sinkhole has formed at this location due to separation and settling of the downstream portion of the pipe.
During the culvert repair, Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources will also upsize the pipe to
accommodate larger flood events and prevent damage.



Garner Creek Stream Restoration Phase 1

998 Cole Drive
Lilburn, GA 30047

Adjacent to Parkview High School and Gwinnett Soccer Association

Fall/Winter 2019 Ephemeral Lane Closures

Mid-phase of construction.  No major traffic delays anticipated throughout the duration of the project.

Upper and middle sections of major grading are complete. Contractor will continue to maintain erosion control measures and will complete all plantings in the fall.

Grayson New Hope Road 48" Main Replacement The first phase of this project is located along Grayson New Hope Road between New Hope and Chandler Road. 

The second phase of this project is located along Grayson New Hope between Chandler Road and Brannan Road, down Brannan Boulevard, and a small section of Herring Road between Brannan Boulevard and Loganville Highway. 
Summer 2019 Phase two (from Chandler to Round Road) Detour: Grayson New Hope to Round Road to Chandler to Grayson New Hope and the reverse.

A second crew will begin work at Herring Road on October 7, 2019. A portion of Herring Road will be closed from October 7, 2019 through November 1, 2019. The detour will be Loganville Highway to Grayson New Hope Road to Brannan Boulevard and the reverse. Through traffic will not be permitted on Herring Road between Loganville Highway and Brannand Boulevard. This closure will not impact driveways along Herring Road. 

The first phase of this project, beginning at New Hope Road and continuing past The Yancey House, is currently being repaved.

Estimated completion for phase two of this project is June, 2020.

Project Manager: Michael Efeyini at 678.376.7069

Paper Mill Road


  Summer 2019  

 The Gwinnett County Department of Water Resources, in conjunction with a contracted construction company, will be closing a portion of Paper Mill Road between McCart Road and Castlebrook Drive.

Project Manager Peter Coker at 678.376.6991

Pharr Woodberry GS Extension The project will run from the Pharr Elementary Pump Station southward, through Georgetown Way, a section of Natchez Way, Winding Creek Circle, Brookstone, a section of Pharr Road, make an immediate right turn onto Lakeview Road. Summer 2019 Intermittent Lane Closures Restoration work continues in Williams Manor. 

The pump station is scheduled to be disconnected and demolished in the fall of 2019.

The contractor has begin working in Northforke.

Project Manager Chad Horner at 678.376.6940 or the Project Inspector Anthony Hogan at 678.376.7060. 

Find out the steps to switch from septic to sewer here
Sunny Hill Sunny Hill Road between Old Peachtree Road and Gravel Springs Road Fall 2019 View Detour Here Both schools in the area are now accessible from multiple directions. Blasting may occur in the area.

Project Manager: Michael Efeyini at 678.376.7069