Ballot drop boxes available for absentee/advance by mail ballots

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Gwinnett Voter Registrations and Elections will continue offering secure ballot drop boxes to provide eligible voters a way to return absentee/advance by mail ballots for the August 11 General Primary and Nonpartisan Runoff Election. No postage is necessary on ballots placed in the drop boxes. The ballot drop boxes are available at these locations:

Voters may request an absentee/advance by mail ballot for the August 11 General Primary and Nonpartisan runoff election now through Friday, August 7 by 5:00pm. Voting by mail is an option for all voters, not just those who will be out of town. A completed application must first be received before an absentee/advance ballot is issued.

Please call the Voter Registrations and Elections Office at 678.226.7210 to request an application or complete the form online.