UPDATE: (Norcross, Ga., May 20, 2021) – According to Fire Investigators, at this time there is nothing indicating that this fire was intentionally set. A sample for ignitable liquids was analyzed at a laboratory and came back negative, thus making the cause undetermined.

(Norcross, Ga., May 6, 2021) – Firefighters responded at 4:22 a.m. to a report of a business fire located at 6034 South Norcross Tucker Road NW in Norcross. The caller to 9-1-1- advised that a plaza was on fire.

When fire personnel arrived on scene, they found a single-story strip mall with flames and black smoke rolling out of a store. The first two fire engines to arrive worked together to fight the blaze from the exterior with two attack lines. Firefighters simultaneously began checking the businesses on the “bravo” side for occupants. The first-in ladder truck arrived and began supporting the defensive operations by setting the aerial ladder up at the front of the building. Once setup was completed, water turrets were opened, and large volumes of water were discharged onto the blaze.  The bulk of the flames were knocked down in three fire units, but the flames extending into the adjacent businesses on the “bravo” and “delta” sides presented a challenge. The command decision was made to put the water turrets back into operation to get those flames extinguished.

The second-in ladder truck was strategically placed at the rear of the strip mall and obtained their own water supply by laying 500 feet of 5-inch hose and connected it to a hydrant in an apartment complex. Two crews took two 1 ¾-inch attack lines and worked defensively from that location.

The fire destroyed three units, but the total number of businesses is still being determined. Structural integrity was severely compromised which limited firefighters’ ability to gain complete access to put out hotspots. This compromise also hindered the Fire Investigators ability to being determining cause and point of origin. The Incident Commander anticipated a backhoe being called to the scene to knockdown and remove the remnants of the fire units.

No one was found to be in any of the adjacent businesses as primary and secondary searches were performed. Personnel cycled through rehab and rehydrated as their vital signs were checked and allowed to return to safe ranges. There were no reported injuries. Equipment was retrieved and returned to their trucks before returning to service. Three fire apparatus remained on scene to assist the Investigator.

EQUIPMENT AT THE SCENE INCLUDED: 5-Engines, 2-Ladder Trucks, 1-Squad, 1-Medic Unit, 1-Air & Light Unit, 1-Battalion Chief, 1-District Chief, 1-Fire Investigator, and 1-PIO.

Note: Photos and video of the incident can be located on Facebook and Twitter @GwinnettFire.



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