Gang Investigation Leads to Large-Scale Arrests

(Gwinnett County, Georgia)  In January 2019, Investigators with the Gwinnett Gang Task Force (which is comprised of detectives and uniformed officers from the Gwinnett County Police Department as well as deputies from the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office) began to investigate the “59 Brims” Bloods street gang.  The “59 Brim” Blood set began in the Ocean View Hills neighborhood in San Diego.  “59 Brim” Bloods criminal street gang has been documented as being active in Gwinnett County and the metro area for over 10 years engaging in a criminal enterprise consisting of pimping, prostitution, robbery, assaults, illegal gun sales, trafficking heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and murder. 

The investigation ultimately lead to information identifying Wonnawon Wonzon (age 29) as the Atlanta leader of the “59 Brims” and other members of the gang’s leadership.  Marlin Smith (a.k.a “Bandana” – age 34), was identified through evidence and self-admission as the leader of the “59 Brims” in North Carolina and Virginia.  Smith was arrested as a result of this investigation. 

In July of 2019, the Gang Task Force identified, Wonnawon Wonzon and four others as main targets of this investigation, Sceon Skeffers (age 29), Robert Lo (age 28), Anthony Savage (age 23), and Devery Dees (age 24).  All five of the main targets are validated “59 Brim” Blood criminal street gang members.  The investigation led to the identification and/or arrest of several other gang members, the seizure of 72.4 grams of fentanyl, 139 grams of heroin, 57.6 grams of cocaine, 44.6 grams of MDMA, 2,447 grams of meth, and the recovery of 18 firearms (4 stolen). 

Additional individuals who were arrested and identified as associates or members of the “59 Brims” include Keion King (age 24), Brianne Froeliger (age 19), Isaiah Lo (age 23), Diamonique Dunning (age 24), Fred Yarweh (age 25), Melia Bennett (age 25), Yei Yearney (age 33), Renaldo Lawrence (age 38), Shunay Rawls (age 31), Gwendolyn Francies (age 60), and Timorthy Thomas (age 27).  This investigation continues and other arrests are expected.  

Major Cleo Atwater, the commander of the Special Investigations Section said, “We will combat criminal street gang activity through aggressive enforcement of Georgia laws.  We aim to educate the public about the dangers of joining and participating in criminal street gang activity.”  

Chief Butch Ayers would like to thank the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office, the Gwinnett County District Attorney’s Office, the Lawrenceville Police Department, and the FBI for their continued support in this investigation in addressing criminal street gang activity in Gwinnett County.


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