(Lawrenceville, Ga. Aug. 27, 2021) – Last month, the District Attorney’s Office began an investigation regarding a correctional officer at Phillips State Prison who was punching an inmate. We became aware of this following a leaked inmate video. The District Attorney’s Office thoroughly investigated the incident. 

The investigation encompassed a review of all videos, including the prison footage which recorded the entire event, investigative interviews, touring the facility, and meeting with officials. Upon conclusion of the review, it has been determined that there is insufficient evidence to criminally proceed against the correctional officer.

We do find that the incident, as it played out, was profoundly regrettable. However, the correctional officer was within use of force guidelines. As a community, it is critical that persons who are incarcerated are treated humanely.

A video clip is attached that shows the physical interchange with the inmate poking, swinging and resisting the correctional officers as he was told to return to his cell. The role of the District Attorney’s Office to access both sides of the incident and assure that the safety and the rights of the community, which includes the incarcerated and officers, are not violated. 


Note: Please find the downloadable link to the clip here.

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