Historical Society

gwinnett Historical Society

The Gwinnett Historical Society hosts Gwinnett County’s only genealogy library containing:

    • More than 1,600 publications
    • Archive collection of assorted County and family records
    • Map collection
    • Book store for County-specific publications
    • Microfilm research room
    • Collection of vintage, historic family, and Gwinnett locations photographs
    • Files related to surnames, churches, cemeteries, schools, places, and subject files

The Society also operates the 19.2-acre historical Elisha Winn Property in Dacula (built about 1812), which became part of Gwinnett County on December 15, 1818, when the Georgia legislature created the counties of Gwinnett, Walton, and Hall.

As part of the newly-formed county of Gwinnett, the Elisha Winn property gained historical significance because in this house much of the planning for the new Gwinnett County took place and the first functions of County government were carried out. The seat of government was relocated to the newly-created city of Lawrenceville in 1821.

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