Advanced Disposal and Waste Pro Collection Delays

Advanced Disposal customers: Thursday’s scheduled collection was cancelled. To catch up, Thursday's scheduled collection day will be collected on Friday and Friday’s scheduled collection day will be collected on Saturday. Waste Pro customers: If Thursday's scheduled collection did not take place, it will be collected Friday, February 28th. If your scheduled collection day is Friday and doesn’t take place by 6:30pm February 27th, it will be collected Saturday, February 28th.
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Cities Share

Cities receive a portion of SPLOST proceeds for municipal projects. While other municipalities across Georgia began sharing in county SPLOST revenues following a change in state law in 2005, Gwinnett County began sharing the penny sales tax with its city governments in 2001.

2001 SPLOST program: Gwinnett cities received approximately $22 million.

2005 SPLOST program: Gwinnett cities received approximately $93.7 million. See chart at bottom of this page.

2009 SPLOST program: Gwinnett cities anticipate receiving more than $100 million. See chart at bottom of this page.

Proceeds from the 2009 SPLOST program are distributed to the cities based on U.S. Census Bureau total population estimates for July 1, 2007. According to the 2007 Census, cities represented 19.522 percent of Gwinnett County’s total population while unincorporated Gwinnett made up 80.478 percent.

Because the 2009 SPLOST program contains countywide projects (library and recreation facilities), 20 percent of the proceeds are being allocated for these purposes. Therefore, cities are receiving 19.522 percent of the remaining 80 percent of SPLOST proceeds.

For more information about city SPLOST projects, view the twice yearly presentations shared with the Citizen Review Committee.

Scroll down to see representative photos of a sampling of SPLOST-funded city projects. Click on a city’s name to be directed to the municipal website for additional information.



Saddlecreek Road



Berkeley Lake






Little Mill Road







City Hall



Police Department





Fire Station





Briscoe Park


Sugar Hill

Amenity Pool and Amphitheater



2014 SPLOST Distribution by City (as ofJuly 2014)

2009 SPLOST Distribution by City

2005 SPLOST Distribution by City