Boards, Auth. and Committees

Development Authority of Gwinnett County

The Development Authority was established June 13, 1972 by County Resolution of the Commissioners of Roads and Revenues of Gwinnett County pursuant to the Development Authorities Law of Georgia. The Authority consists of seven (7) members (four appointed from each District Commissioner and three appointed by the Chairwoman).

Please contact Rick Chandler at for more information.

Members serve four-year terms.

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Generally, meetings are held as needed. Please contact Rick Chandler at for more information.


Must be a resident or owner of a business location in Gwinnett County (County taxpayer). Must not be an officer or employee of Gwinnett County.

Responsibilities / Powers
  • To develop and promote, for the public good and general welfare, trade, commerce, industry and employment opportunities in Gwinnett County
  • To acquire, construct, improve or modify industrial facilities, water pollution control facilities, sewerage disposal facilities or solid waste disposal facilities, facilities useful in the transportation of persons or property, sports facilities, convention facilities, lodging facilities, office facilities, communication facilities, research and development facilities, nursing home or intermediate care homes
  • To purchase or lease property and to franchise as necessary
  • To appoint, select and employ to include engineering, architectural/construction experts, fiscal agents and attorneys and set their compensation
  • To make contracts and leases and execute same
  • To construct, repair, add to, improve and manage projects from proceeds of revenue bonds
  • To accept loans/grants
  • To have a seal
  • To borrow money for corporate purposes and to issue revenue bonds
Active Members
Appointed By Position Name Representing Term Expires
Chairwoman's Appointment Peter Andrews 06/13/2028
Chairwoman's Appointment Carla Carraway 06/13/2028
Chairwoman's Appointment Chairman Jeff Mahaffey 06/13/2026
District 1 Appointment Secretary John Martin 06/13/2028
District 2 Appointment L. Penny Poole 06/13/2026
District 3 Appointment Vice Chairman Bobby Richburg 06/13/2028
District 4 Appointment Mark Merritt 06/13/2026