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Making the switch to digital television

Analog television broadcasting in the United States ended on June 12, 2009. Old television sets that previously used an antenna to receive broadcasts are only usable if connected to a converter box or a cable or satellite system. Official information from the Federal Communications Commission is available online at or by calling 1.888.225.5322.

Gwinnett County's government access channel (TVgwinnett) is available on cable systems within the county and online. Many programs are also available online for viewing on demand. Comcast subscribers need a digital converter box and Bellsouth Entertainment Americast digital subscribers need to connect to the analog inputs on the TV set.

Please call 770.822.7180 with questions about TVgwinnett.


Gwinnett County's government access cable television channel is available online, on demand, and on the government access cable channels of Charter (ch. 182), Comcast (ch. 23 or 25), and AT&T U-verse (ch. 99). These cable systems provide the channel at no cost to the County along with funding for video production and distribution. 

TVgwinnett brings you important public meetings, speeches and presentations along with all the inflection, facial expressions, charts, graphs and other visual aids. It's the next best thing to being there yourself and it's certainly more convenient.

TVgwinnett shows programs on County news, services and facilities, police and fire academy graduations, groundbreaking and ribbon-cutting ceremonies, talk shows produced in our own studio, military news, and special events. You'll also find text messages about government programs, policies, events, and facilities. We replay our programming frequently to give everyone ample opportunity to view or record programming.

Check out our online programming guide and feel free to comment on TVgwinnett programming by calling 770.822.7133 or e-mailing us at