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Poolside Recycling

While enjoying your summer break, you can have fun in the sun and keep your pledge to reduce, reuse, and recycle! There are so many great things to do over the summer, but a summertime favorite is going to the pool. Each time you buy something and use it, keep in mind why recycling is important. It saves energy and sending something to be recycled means it can be transformed into something new. Below are some environmentally friendly ideas to keep in mind while visiting the pool this summer:

Aluminum cans: Recycling 1 aluminum can produces enough energy to run a computer for up to 3 hours! Imagine what a summer’s worth of collected aluminum cans would do for energy conservation! That would be a cool thing to keep track of.

Pizza boxes and snack boxes: If your parents have pizza delivered to the pool, remember to recycle the box. It’s so easy to do and saves precious landfill space. You can also recycle those boxes that snacks come in. Another thing to consider is to take snacks in reusable containers. That way you don’t have to discard anything and you can reuse all summer long.

Plastic water and soda bottles: Pool parties mean a lot of 2-liter soda bottles, water bottles, and other plastic bottles will be used. Plastic bottles are one of the most common items found in the recycling stream. Remember, you can even recycle the caps, too!

Sunscreen bottles: You safeguard your skin, so how about doing the same for the environment? Look on the bottom of your plastic sunscreen bottle for number 1 through 7 inside the recycling arrows. If it has one of those numbers, it can be recycled.

As you can see, recycling can be as easy on the go at the pool as it is as home. Have a fun, safe, and green summer!