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General Primary/Nonpartisan General Election Results

This is your source for election results for the General Primary/Nonpartisan General Election.
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Appraisal Staff Conducting Field Visits
The appraisal staff of the Gwinnett County Tax Assessors Office visits properties throughout the year as part of a routine county process. The visits are completed by either a county appraiser or a contracted appraiser from the companies of LMC or CLT. Each of the appraisers displays a Gwinnett County photo ID.

These visits include verifying existing or new construction data and can include obtaining exterior measurements and taking photos of the property. The appraiser may ask simple and brief questions concerning the property.

During the inspection of residential property, the appraisers will knock on the door to announce their presence and introduce themselves before beginning an exterior review of the property. All communications may occur through your locked door. There is no requirement for an interior inspection of your property. Our appraisers will not request entrance. When no one is available to meet with the appraiser, information will be left to advise you of our visit. Thank you for allowing us to ensure the accuracy of our records.

Annual Notice of Assessment

Each year the Tax Assessors Office conducts market value analysis on all taxable real properties. Properties are typically researched in groupings by neighborhood, property type, and property use. Market analysis procedures are mandated by Georgia state law and the Georgia Department of Revenue (O.C.G.A. 48-5-340). If sufficient market information is available and the analysis indicates that our appraised values are out of line with the market, we update values across whole groupings or classifications, such as neighborhood or property type and use.

All taxable real property will receive an Annual Notice of Assessment. A change made to the value will be reflected on this notice. The notice informs the property owner of the fair market value as calculated by Board of Tax Assessors and the appraisal staff, as well as provides the property owner the assessed value (40 percent of the fair market value) of their property (O.C.G.A. 48-5-7). The annual property tax bill will be based on the assessed value (40 percent of the fair market value) unless subsequently adjusted following an appeal.

If the owner of a property disagrees with the value on the Annual Notice of Assessment, they have 45 days from the date on the Notice of Assessment to file an appeal. The owner can appeal on the basis of taxability (i.e., the owner believes the property should be exempt from taxation), value, or values being assessed non-uniformly.

Further tools for researching residential and commercial property can also be found on the Tax Assessor's web pages.

Once the property owner has filed an appeal, a member of the appraisal staff will review it. An appraiser may accept the owner’s proposed value, decide on a new value, or determine no further change is needed. If the appraisal staff determines that a change is not warranted, the Board of Assessors will certify your appeal to the Clerk of Courts for a hearing. If the appraiser determines a change is warranted, the property owner will be notified in writing of the new proposed value. The property owner then has no more than 30 days in which to reply that they accept or reject the newly proposed value. If the property owner accepts the new proposed value, the appeal will be closed. If the property owner rejects the new proposed value, the Board of Assessors will certify your appeal to the Clerk of Courts for a hearing. Failing to respond in 30 days is treated as an acceptance of the most recent proposed decision by the County and the appeal will be closed.

The Tax Assessor’s Office is located on the first floor of the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center, located at 75 Langley Drive in Lawrenceville. If we can assist with additional questions, please contact us by phone or email, Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Tax Assessor Customer Care Line: 770.822.7200
Personal Property Appraisal: 770.822.7220
(tangible business inventory, aircraft and watercraft)
Motor Vehicle (appeals only): 770.822.7288