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Commuter Information

What is Georgia Commute Options?

Georgia Commute Options is a bundling of free services and incentive programs that encourage commuters and employers to make the switch from driving alone as part of a regional strategy to reduce traffic and improve air quality.  The program is funded by the Georgia DOT with funds from the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) program in an effort to attain national air quality standards.  Delivery of Georgia Commute Options services is a joint effort between the Atlanta Regional Commission and the region’s Transportation Management Associations (TMAs).  Click here to connect with the Georgia Commute Options rep for your workplace.

Commuter Programs

  • Gimme Five - $5/day up to $150 for switching from driving alone to a commute alternative like transit. 
  • $25 Prizes -  Already taking the train?  Start logging your commute with GA Commute Options to get in to the monthly drawing for $25
  • Guaranteed Ride Home: Five free taxi rides home per year in case of emergency.  Application required prior to using the service.

Employer & Property Manager Programs

  • Program consultation to develop a custom commute options program that meets the needs of your organization and its employees.
  • Step by step guidance on developing a transportation benefit program to reduce employee commute costs on transit and vanpooling and increase savings for employers on payroll taxes.
  • Relocation commute planning assistance:  When an employer moves, Georgie Commute Options provides employees with information about the best commute options available to them to get them to their new worksite.
  • Measurement and reporting of direct financial savings to employees, vehicle miles of travel reduced, and tons of air pollution eliminated.
  • For more information, click here.

Wondering what your commute looks like?
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