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Program Goals
It is anticipated that the following goals will be achieved through this program:

  1. Knowledge: Improving participants' understanding of local government while learning more about community issues and concerns.
    • Participants get a hands-on, behind-the-scenes look at how services and programs are provided.
    • Participants better understand what is needed to run a county.

  2. Involvement: Improving the quality and quantity of citizen participation with an emphasis on underrepresented communities in local government.
    • Participants learn how they can be more involved.
    • Many participants go on to become volunteers, including service on an appointed advisory board or committee.

  3. Engagement: Improving the lines of communication and relationship between residents, business owners, students, and their local government.
    • Participants have the opportunity to connect with community leaders of all backgrounds.
    • Participants and County officials create relationships that foster enhanced communication.