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Other Outreach Opportunities
Building Bridges
Building Bridges was established to strengthen the relationships between Government leaders and the residents of Gwinnett County. This community outreach initiative provides residents and business owners with an identifiable point of contact within the Gwinnett County Government to connect residents with resources, information and engagement opportunities to help all communities thrive and prosper. During the year, we plan to invite various constituent groups to learn about the County’s outreach initiatives, programs, and services.

CERT Training
The Gwinnett County Office of Emergency Management offers free Community Emergency Response Team, or CERT, training to Gwinnett County residents twice a year. These courses educate residents about disaster preparedness for emergencies that may impact their community. Residents are trained in basic disaster response skills such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations. Courses are open to all Gwinnett County residents age 18 years and older who pass a background check provided by the Gwinnett County Police Department. The training consists of eight sessions, a course review, and disaster simulation. For more information, visit the CERT webpage

Citizens Fire Academy
The Citizens Fire Academy is a 12-week program that gives residents an opportunity to learn about and experience the Fire and Emergency Services Department first-hand. Residents also learn valuable fire and life safety information that increases their knowledge of what to do in emergency situations. Plus, all participants have the opportunity to learn CPR, run through firefighter drills at the fire academy, and witness life and work at a Gwinnett County fire station. For more information, call the Education Section at 678.518.4845.

Citizens Police Academy
The Citizens Police Academy is designed to educate residents about their Police Department and how officers enforce local and state laws. The CPA consists of nine weeks of classroom and practical application and includes activities such as: mock criminal trials with the District Attorney's office, Police Department and jail tours, and police training simulations. The academy is open to all Gwinnett County residents age 18 years and older who successfully pass the application process and driver's and criminal history checks. Applications are accepted throughout the year for the academy, which is held in the spring. For information about the Citizens Police Academy, call 678.226.7757, email, or visit

Dinner & Dialogue with Chairman Nash
Dinner & Dialogue with Chairman Nash gives residents an opportunity to meet with Chairman Nash in an informal setting and engage in meaningful dialogue about their county. The dinners are held once a month from 6:00pm to 8:00pm at various restaurants and are open to all Gwinnett County residents age 18 years and older.

Dinners are limited to 10 guests each and registration is first-come, first-served. Please register for one dinner to help ensure others have the opportunity to participate. All guests will be responsible for the cost of their own meals. Click here for more information and to register for an upcoming dinner. 

Gwinnett 101
Gwinnett 101 is a 12-week citizens academy offered twice a year that aims to develop and nurture informed and engaged residents, students, and business owners in our great county. Participants will get a behind-the-scenes look at how Gwinnett County Government provides high-quality services to the community. Those who take part in this program will interact with leaders in their county government, visit county facilities to get a first-hand glimpse of how the county works, and build a network with others who live, work, and learn in Gwinnett County. Gwinnett 101 is offered in the spring and fall, with weekly sessions that take place Thursday evenings from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.

Interested candidates will complete an application. Class size will be limited to 30 participants for each session. There are no fees to participate in the program. For more information, visit the Gwinnett 101 webpage.

Gwinnett County Elections Poll Officials
On Election Day approximately 3,000 of your neighbors serve the voters in Gwinnett County by working as poll officials…you can be one in that number. Poll officials play an active role in ensuring the ongoing success of the electoral process. We need dedicated individuals who take pride in their work, are patient and enjoy working with people, and who take direction well and are detail oriented. Poll officials are paid for their service and receive training prior to the elections. For more information, visit the Be a Poll Official webpage. 

Master Gardener Program
The Gwinnett County Extension Service Master Gardener Program is a volunteer recruitment and training program with an emphasis on horticulture principles and environmental practices. Master gardeners are highly trained individuals who give unbiased, research-based information on gardening and landscape-related issues. The Gwinnett County Extension Service offers a master gardener training class each year. There is a fee for the class if you are selected to participate. You are required to attend the classes, which begin in January and run weekly through March. For questions on the Master Gardener Program, call 678.377.4010.

Volunteer Gwinnett
Volunteer Gwinnett is a countywide program designed to involve residents in volunteer activities associated with County government. Gwinnett County depends on volunteers to help provide residents with the best services and programs possible. Our volunteers directly contribute to the excellent quality of life residents enjoy in our community. You can volunteer a few hours a day or a week, participate in a one-time event, and/or serve on a long-term basis. For more information about volunteer opportunities with Gwinnett County, visit

Sign up for Email Newsletters
Gwinnett County Government wants to keep you informed about what’s happening in your community! Find out what is going on each week through email newsletters that contain information that is important to homeowners and residents. To receive this information directly, click here to update your email newsletter profile.
The County’s website,, is the primary source of information related to Gwinnett County Government. The website features specialty pages tailored to residents, visitors, and businesses as well as a direct link to the County’s online services. In addition, residents can pay their water bill online, search for job opportunities with the County, and view board and commission meetings on-demand. 

Your Money
The Your Money webpage is a feature that provides detailed information about Gwinnett County Government’s financial operations and how your tax dollars are spent. You can learn about the County’s budget process, get property assessment information, and view archived financial reports. Visit the County’s website,, and select the Your Money link from the homepage.

Where Your Property Taxes Go
The Your Money webpage on also includes an interactive feature called Where Your Property Taxes Go. Enter your address or the fair market value of a home to get a complete breakdown of how much per day—or per year—goes to various local government services.

News and Events
Visit the County’s News and Events webpage on to access the monthly Gwinnett County Connection newsletter, archives of our email newsletters, the leisure brochure for parks and recreation (Gwinnett LIFE), health and human services information (One Stop), and the latest updates on auto tags and property taxes (Tag & Tax News).

TVgwinnett, Gwinnett County's government access cable television channel, brings you important public meetings, speeches, and presentations along with programs on County news, services, and facilities. TVgwinnett is available online at, on demand, and on the government access cable channels of Charter (channel 182), Comcast (channels 23 or 25), and AT&T U-verse (channel 99).

Gwinnett County photos available on Flickr
Check out photos of County facilities, County officials, Board of Commissioners presentations, and special events on Gwinnett County Government’s Flickr page,