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Lost Pets
  Many times, lost pets arrive at the shelter. If a pet is microchipped or has an identification tag, the owner will be contacted to reclaim her pet. Owners will be required to show photo identification (driver’s license or Georgia ID) and proof of pet ownership, such as veterinary records.

Unfortunately, animal tags are often lost or removed, making it difficult to reunite with the owners. If a pet is missing, it’s recommended that owners come to the shelter to search for their lost pet. Animals at the shelter without identification are considered stray and are held three days prior to being offered for adoption.

Lost pet flyers can be placed at the Animal Welfare and Enforcement shelter and staff can refer social media and websites such as that can be effective tools in searching for lost pets.

The best way to ensure reuniting with your furry family member is to have them microchipped!

Finding Stray or Nuisance Animals
Residents experiencing a nuisance domestic animal on their property can call 770.513.5700 to have the animal removed and transported to the shelter.

Homeowners can legally capture the animal, if the animal is provided with adequate food, water, and shelter until it’s transported to shelter.

Any information about the owner must be shared with Animal Welfare staff.