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4-H & Youth Development
Gwinnett 4-H, a partner in public education, is youth and adults learning, growing, and working together to experience and accomplish the extraordinary. Read our 4-H newsletters for 4-H upcoming activities and events.

4-H activities and programs are designed with kids in mind. It's a place for young people to interact with sharing adults. 4-H is made up of groups of enthusiastic and motivated kids in an environment which builds pleasant memories. It is an assembly of teenagers extending peer support rather than peer pressure in a forum to experience hands-on learning to produce a well-rounded person.

4-H Councils and Calendar
Separate County Council Meetings are held monthly for K - fourth grade students (Cloverbud Council), fifth grade students (Cloverleaf Council), sixth grade Students (Sixth Grade Council), seventh and eighth grade students (Juniors Council) and ninth – 12th grade students (Senior Council). During these monthly meetings, 4-H'ers have the  opportunity to participate in project activities, plan and carry out community service activities and work with adult staff and volunteers to meet goals. Check out our Council and Club calendar for a listing of our upcoming events.

Conferences and Retreats
Several conferences are held throughout the year that focus on current trends and situations that young people face. A state-wide Junior Conference is held in October/November for seventh and eighth grade 4-H'ers; Fall Forum (December), Senior Leadership Conference (April), and State 4-H Council (July) are held for ninth - 12th grade 4-H'ers. At the national level, National 4-H Conference Citizenship Washington Focus and Youth Issue Conferences are also held for Senior 4-H'ers. Selection for these conferences is based upon an application process. Area retreats, combined with counties surrounding Gwinnett, focus on youth leadership, financial awareness, and youth survival skills.

Project Achievement (DPA)
4-H Project Achievement is a cornerstone in the Georgia 4-H program. From the first Boys Corn Club sharing their crop to today's presentation and portfolios on hundreds of projects, Project Achievement serves to showcase 4-H'ers work and success. 4-H'ers participating in Project Achievement investigate a topic and prepare demonstration or “illustrated talk” with posters and props. This also includes fine arts performances and step-by-step food product preparation. These demonstrations are given at a competitive event which includes 4-H'ers from surrounding counties. Our current DPA topics and additional information are a great place to start planning your DPA presentation!

4-H Project Community Service
Active Gwinnett County 4-H'ers conduct project community service throughout the year. These activities can include projects such as: community clean-ups, adopt-a-highway, Christmas for needy families, landscape projects, Adopt-a-Stream, and assisting with community improvements. These projects vary from year to year depending on local community needs.

Cotton Boll/Consumer Jamboree

By participating in this district event, 4-H'ers learn to evaluate consumer goods, services, and clothing in order to make knowledgeable and rational decisions when purchasing these items. The district winning senior teams advance to the state competition. Training classes are held in October and November of each year with the district contest in November.

Forestry Field Day
Forestry Field Day is a judging team event where 4-H'ers learn about one of Georgia's most valuable resources. Participants learn how to identify trees, insects, and diseases. They also participate in compass and pacing activities. Forestry trainings begin in the summer with the district contest held in September. Senior teams competing at the district contest advance to state competition.

Horse Club
The Hi-Hat Horse Club is a special interest club that meets monthly throughout the school year to provide educational programs about horse breeds, riding, care, and training. In addition, members have the opportunity to participate in academic competitions such as Horse Quiz Bowl or Horse Judging. Members range from horseless enthusiasts to competitive horse show riders. All interest levels are welcome. Horse club meets on the second Tuesday of each month, October - May. This is a non-riding program.

Project SAFE
The goals of Project S.A.F.E. are to introduce 4-H'ers to the sport of shooting, to create an awareness of and promote shooting safety, to develop discipline, poise, and self-control in all circumstances where firearms are used, and to re-enforce the concept of team work and good sportsmanship. The Gwinnett County 4-H Project S.A.F.E. Program is a 12-week program that provides hands-on training in the area of Air Rifle and Air Pistol for ninth – 12th grade and BB (four position rifles) for fifth - eighth grade students. Parents participate with their child in a positive family environment.

Poultry Judging
The 4-H Poultry Judging Contest gives 4-H'ers the opportunity to learn about poultry (grades and production) and eggs (quality and grades). Participants judge live birds, ready-to-cook birds, broken out eggs, and eggs in the shell. Training classes are held during the spring with the district contest in April. Senior teams placing at the district contest advance to state competition.

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