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What is the Master Gardener Program?
The Master Gardener program is a volunteer recruitment and training program with an emphasis on horticulture principles and environmental practices. The goal of the program is to train volunteers to assist in extending our community programming efforts. 

Master Gardeners are highly trained individuals who give unbiased, research-based information on gardening and landscape related issues. UGA Extension Gwinnett offers a Master Gardener training class each year. There is a fee for the class if you are selected to participate. You are required to attend the classes which begin in January and run weekly through March. For questions on the Master Gardener Program, call 678.377.4010.

What are Master Gardeners involved in?
  • Civic and garden club presentations
  • Working at county festivals and garden clinics
  • School educational programs
  • Planning and implementing public relations projects
  • School and community beautification and landscape projects
  • Assisting Extension with client questions and research
  • Gardening and flower show events

Master Gardener Reporting
To fill out the Master Gardener volunteer activity tally sheet, click here.