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What to Wear
Before you leave the house, be sure you’ve got the right swim wear and your family is prepared with the correct requirements for pool entry. For your convenience, swim diapers ($2.00) and plastic pants ($3.00) are available for purchase.

Check out what to wear (and what not to wear!)

Aquatics Safety Rules
  • All pool rules apply. Additional rules may apply at individual aquatic facilities
  • All applicable federal, state, and local regulations and ordinances apply to usage of this facility or facilities
  • All patrons entering the facility must pay admission
  • Only patrons with pool passes may leave and re-enter the facility without paying again, if capacity allows
  • Parents and/or guardians are responsible for their children in the facility at all times
  • Children 10 and under must have an adult 18 years or older in a swimsuit at poolside with the child
  • Children 6 and under must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older, in a swimsuit, in the water within arm’s reach of the child at all times
  • Group ratios: children 7 to 10 years of age have a maximum ratio of 10 children to one adult, 6 and under have a maximum ratio of 3 children to one adult
  • All patrons going in the water must be in a swimsuit
  • Swimsuits are required. T-backs, cut offs, jean shorts, athletic shorts, sports bras, etc. are not permitted. A t-shirt may be worn over a bathing suit
  • Non-potty trained children must wear a swim diaper and plastic/vinyl pants with elastic legs. Both of those items must be under a swimsuit and are available for purchase
  • Any child who cannot swim or who is in a lifejacket must have an adult in a swimsuit, within arm’s reach at all times
  • No inflatable floatation devices. Only U.S. Coast Guard approved lifejackets are permitted
  • Lifejackets are available for your use
  • Swimmers with non-inflatable personal flotation devices such as lifejackets, step in suits with foam inserts, or other pre-approved step in suits must remain in the shallow end at all times
  • Water wings, swimmies, floats, bathing suits rings, and other inflatable devices are not permitted in the pool
  • Pool noodles are permitted in all leisure play pools. They may also be used in lap pools if space permits. Connected pool noodles are considered floats and are not allowed
  • Kickboards may only be used in designated lap lane areas at certain pools for exercise use only by swimmers
  • Lap lanes are provided for lap swimming patrons only.  Non lap swimming activities are prohibited
  • No diving in shallow water or areas less than 9 feet deep
  • Only forward jumping from the side is permitted. Back dives, flips, cart wheels, and head first entries are not permitted from the side of the pool
  • Only during scheduled swim team practices or Gwinnett County programs are the starting blocks allowed to be used
  • No running, pushing, shoving, horseplay, or foul language including dunking, tossing individuals, or sitting on another swimmer's shoulders
  • Spitting, spouting of water, and blowing the nose is prohibited
  • No glass, drugs, or alcohol in the facility
  • No smoking in the building or on pool decks
  • All food and drinks must be kept in the designated areas
  • No food, gum, and beverages is allowed in or around the pool
  • No party items such as balloons, cakes, large cookies, trophies, gifts, etc. are allowed during regular pool hours
  • Soft splash balls may be used in the pool. If the staff determines at any time to restrict their use, patrons must comply for the safety and convenience of all patrons
  • No masks, fins, or snorkels, kickboards.  The only exceptions will be for medical reasons, or if being used by an adult in the lap lanes only. These are not to be used outside of the lap lanes
  • Patrons may not hang or sit on lane lines or lifelines
  • The pool capacity is limited and waiting times may be necessary to accommodate the crowds
  • In the case of a fecal or vomit contamination, the facility may be closed for up to 24 hours
  • All outdoor pools will close for 30 minutes after a bolt of lightning or a clap of thunder. Outdoor pools may close in the case of heavy rain
  • No refunds due to inclement weather
  • The facility may be closed or its use limited at any time due to unforeseen circumstances or at Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation’s discretion
  • Patrons must shower before entering the pool
  • Patrons having infectious or communicable diseases, which can be transmitted by water, are excluded from public pools. Patrons with open cuts, wounds, or blisters are warned of infection and advised not to use the pool
  • A first aid kit is available in the guardroom
  • Report all accidents, incidents, rescues to the Gwinnett County Parks and Recreation staff
  • Gwinnett County is not responsible for lost or stolen property in the facility
  • The managers and staff are responsible for the strict enforcement of all rules and policies. Failure to comply could result in ejection from the facility

Waterslide Safety Rules
  • In order to ride the slide you must be able to swim unassisted and be at least 48” tall, dependent on the slide and facility location
  • Patrons must be able to swim unassisted in any way to use the slide
  • Feet first sliding only. Riders must be on their backs or bottoms only
  • Only one rider at a time, no trains while riding slides
  • Hands must be kept inside the channel
  • No stopping, standing, spinning around, or rolling onto one's stomach while on the slide
  • No personal flotation devices, pool noodles, or lifejackets are allowed on the slide
  • No masks, goggles, or water shoes allowed on slides
  • Only swimsuits are approved on slides. No cut-offs
  • Swimsuits with metal/plastic buckles/buttons that could damage the slide are not allowed
  • Patrons wearing t-shirts, or swimsuits that may scrape or damage the slide will not be allowed to use the slide
  • Exit splash pool immediately
  • Failure to follow the slide rules can lead to serious injury and ejection from the facility

Interactive Fountain Rules
The Interactive Fountain is an unsupervised faciity. Please play carefully and use at your own risk.
  • Follow the “What to Wear” swimsuit guidelines
  • Clothing such as cut-off shorts or other frayed materials that can damage fountain filtration systems are not allowed
  • For health and sanitation requirements, anyone who is not fully toilet trained or incontinent must wear a swim diaper
  • To maintain a family-friendly environment, thongs, string bikinis or see-through clothing are NOT allowed
  • Daycares, camps, and other organized groups larger than 10 are required to make reservations for use of the fountain. A reservation is not for exclusive use, the fountain is open to other patrons at all times. Group reservations email –
  • Children must be supervised by an accompanying adult; never leave children unattended
  • An adult must accompany children when using the public bathrooms
  • For children 10 and under, supervision of one adult for every ten children is required at all times
  • Fountain will close for inclement weather, including heavy rain, thunder & lightning, & maintenance
  • No pets
  • No glass
  • No rocks, small objects or other material that might create hazardous conditions or interfere with efficient operation of the interactive fountain permitted
  • No skates, skateboards, scooters, or bicycles, tricycles, or other similar items permitted
  • No running or rough-housing
  • Use caution while playing, surfaces can become slick, please move about with care
  • No jumping from walls
  • Footwear is strongly recommended
  • Persons with skin diseases or open sores are not allowed in the fountain
  • No food, chewing gum, or beverages are allowed in the fountain area
  • No littering, spitting, urinating, or defecation on the property
  • No sidewalk chalk, water balloons, water guns, or other types of toys permitted in fountain area
  • No grills, cooking equipment or open flames
  • No decorations, banners, balloons, silly string, or other similar items
  • No temporary booths, tents or canopies, displays, tables or chairs
  • Sound amplification equipment or loud radios are not permitted
  • Mistreatment or abuse of public property is not permitted
  • All trash shall be disposed of in trash bins
  • Alcohol and Tobacco are prohibited
  • Call 911 for emergency help or to report illegal activities
  • To report maintenance issues, contact 678-277-0931

Diving Board Safety Rules
  • Patrons must be able to swim to the side of the pool unassisted in order to use the board
  • Only patrons that can swim without assistance may use the diving boards. A swim test may be necessary
  • Only one patron at a time on the boards. Only one bounce on the board
  • Forward diving only. No backward or reverse dives allowed
  • No hanging from the boards
  • No personal flotation devices or goggles are allowed on the boards
  • The diver must exit the area immediately after diving
  • No swimming in the diving well while the boards are in use
  • The fulcrum must remain in the forward position while the facility is open to the public

Day Care & Community Ratio Guidelines
  • For children 7 to 10 years old, groups and families must have at least one adult (18 years or older) in a swimsuit for every 10 children entering the facility:

1 to 10 children..............1 adult
11 to 20 children............2 adults
21 to 30 children............3 adults
31 to 40 children............4 adults
41 to 50 children............5 adults
51 to 60 children............6 adults

  • For children 6 and younger families must have one adult (18 years or older) for every three children entering the facility. This adult must be in the water at arm's length at all times.
  • Non-Gwinnett County Groups may only enter the facility after 4:00pm daily. (This includes all adults and children with the group. Policy in place since June 25, 2008.)
  • Each adult is required to be with their children in the water during regular swim and on the deck during adult swim.
  • Children are to be sent to the bathroom and to get concessions one at a time or an adult needs to accompany a group.
  • Accidents need to be reported to a lifeguard or the manager immediately.
  • Counselors and adults are to explain all pool rules to their children and make sure they are followed.

Additional rules apply. Please read posted signs or ask staff as necessary.