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Human Relations Commission

The Human Relations Commission (HRC) was established by the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners in 1990 by ordinance.  The Human Relations Commission is to be composed of 13 Gwinnett County citizens with diverse membership appointed by the Board of Commissioners.

  • Appointments are to be made by the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners from a list of three eligible persons submitted to the Board of Commissioners by the Human Relations Commission for each vacancy. The Board of Commissioners shall have the option to reject any or all candidates submitted by the Human Relations Commission
  • The Commission will elect its Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and such other officers deemed advisable. Officers may succeed themselves
  • Members serve four-year term
  • Members are not compensated, but will be reimbursed for any expenses incurred in the performance of their duties consistent with the approved budget and approved by the County Administrator


The Human Relations Commission meets monthly at 7:00pm at the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center (GJAC), 75 Langley Drive Lawrenceville, GA 30046 or designated location as advertised and posted on the HRC website and/or GJAC announcement board.

2018 Meeting Schedule:

  • January 8
  • February 12

  • March 12

  • April 9

  • May 14

  • June 11

  • No July Meeting

  • August 13

  • September 10

  • October 8

  • November 12

  • No December Meeting

View Notices, Agendas, and Minutes.


No specific qualifications or training are required; however, the membership of the Human Relations Commission must be diverse.

Responsibilities / Powers

The HRC's mission is to encourage, promote and develop fair and equal treatment and opportunity for all persons regardless of race, religion, creed, color, age, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability.

  • To coordinate and assist local governmental agencies to promote better human relations
  • To cooperate with private industry; community, professional, civic and religious organizations; and Federal, State, County and municipal agencies in the development of public information programs, leadership, and activities in the interest of equal opportunity and treatment of all racial, religious and ethnic groups
  • To conduct research projects and studies and to make reports on race relations in Gwinnett County
  • To annually report to the Board of Commissioners on activities of the Commission and make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners
  • To investigate, study and inform the public as to any complaints received concerning discriminatory practices regarding any individual or agency
  • To provide a forum for airing community problems and grievances
  • To stimulate private industry and the business community to create jobs and promote equal employment opportunities
  • To train County employees to use appropriate management techniques concerning intergroup relations which develop respect for equal rights and which result in equal treatment of employees
  • To work to remove inequalities, which pertain to the status of minority groups in such areas as housing, recreation, education, employment, law enforcement, vocational guidance and related matters
  • To recommend to the Board of Commissioners of Gwinnett County such additional legislation and programs to effectuate the purposes of promoting better human relations
  • To submit an annual budgetary request to the County Administrator
  • To adopt such rules and regulations as are necessary to govern the proceedings of the Commission and to conduct all meetings in accordance with said rules and regulations
  • To receive contributions (to be accepted by the Director of Financial Services on behalf of the Human Relations Commission) and to expend such funds to promote its goals and objectives and in accordance with all Gwinnett County purchasing and expenditure regulations 

Contact Us 


Mailing Address:
Human Relations Commission
c/o Gwinnett County Department of Community Services
75 Langley Drive
Lawrenceville, GA 30046


2017 Human Relations Commission Workplan

  • CRIMINAL JUSTICE: Develop and conduct symposiums for social justice education of citizen rights in Gwinnett County with assistance from Law Enforcement and Judicial Services.
  • MULTICULTURAL DIVERSITY: Participate in community functions that recognize the multicultural diversity of Gwinnett County.
  • SEXUAL TRAFFICKING: Improve resident understanding of the Domestic Minor Sexual Traffic (DMST) problem and individual response to suspected violations or involvement in this form of slavery.  
  • HOMELESS VETERANS: Investigate the feasibility of a homeless facility for veterans located in Gwinnett County.
  • HRC RULES UPDATE: Review of Ordinances, By-Laws and Procedural Handbook for standardization.
  • HUMAN RELATIONS PARTICIPATION: Reduce Commission Member turnover, improve monthly meeting attendance and overall member accountability. Collaborate with Volunteer Gwinnett to promote the opportunity for volunteers to assist with the commission’s mission.
  • NON- PROFIT KNOWLEDGE: Compile a complete list of non-profit agencies located in Gwinnett County that can provide assistance to the homeless, poor, veterans, victims and individuals in crisis.   
  • HANDICAP ACCESSIBILITY: Conduct a commission meeting on ADA regulations and facility requirements to be in compliance with the federal accessibility act.
  • INTERFAITH RELATIONSHIPS: Foster open, cooperative and respectful relationships through education and interaction with faith-based organizations and individuals.
  • IMMIGRATION: Review and educate commission members on the dynamic regulation and policy requirements for immigrants and new citizens moving to Gwinnett County.

Active Members

Appointed By Position Name Representing Term Expires
BoC Appointment Nikki Hughes 08/31/2020
BoC Appointment Parliamentarian D. Michele LaLand 08/31/2018
BoC Appointment Aizaz S. Shaikh 08/31/2018
BoC Appointment Catrina Jones 08/31/2018
BoC Appointment Vice Chairperson Fernando Andrade 08/31/2019
BoC Appointment Secretary John R. Grinder 08/31/2019
BoC Appointment Raven Fleming-Brannon 08/31/2019
BoC Appointment Koo-Ja Lee 08/31/2020
BoC Appointment Connie C. Jee 08/31/2020
BoC Appointment Chairperson Daniel DeVore 08/31/2020
BoC Appointment Treasurer Joseph L. McCarty 08/31/2020
BoC Appointment Saleem Hayat 08/31/2020