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General Primary/Nonpartisan General Election Results

This is your source for election results for the General Primary/Nonpartisan General Election.
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Hiring Process - Phase II
The polygraph examination verifies that the applicant has provided accurate information during the hiring process.

Drug Screen and Medical Assessment
Applicants receive a complete physical examination and drug test to ensure they can function as a correctional officer.

Psychological Evaluation
The psychological evaluation consists of a written and oral examination. A series of written tests measure various personality and psychological factors related to the corrections field. The results of the written tests provide the psychologist with information for the interview, which measures psychological suitability to supervise and manage offenders.

Final Job Offer
Applicants who successfully complete Phase II receive a final job offer. Once the final job offer is accepted, the applicant receives an official hire date when he/she becomes a Gwinnett County employee.