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Facility Operations
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  • Offender Counseling, Education, and Vocational Training
  • Food Service
  • Fiscal Management
  • Building Maintenance
  • Field Operations

Educational and Vocational Training Programs for Offenders

The Gwinnett County Department of Corrections provides vocational training to inmates who meet qualifying criteria. Inmates selected for the program receive classroom and hands-on instruction in areas such as combination welding, HVAC, building maintenance, and computer science. This training is provided through a partnership between the department, the Atlanta Regional Commission, and the Center of Industry and Technology; and it is funded by a federal grant under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). The department's vocational training program has received numerous awards for innovative job training and has been featured on Georgia Public Television. Inmates participating in this program must complete their regular work assignments and attend classes during non-working hours.

The department also provides Literacy and GED classes for inmates, with GED testing conducted on-site. In addition, self-help programs such as Substance Abuse, Anger Management, Family Violence, Victim Impact, and voluntary religious services are available.