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TVgwinnett staff is responsible for program production and editing plus the design, operation, and maintenance of large-facility audio-visual systems including courtrooms, an auditorium, and a conference center. Most of these systems connect directly to the cable channel's master control.

We produce about 170 original video productions each year. The equipment used to produce and cablecast programming for TVgwinnett is funded by the cable franchises operating within Gwinnett County.

TVgwinnett programming is available online by clicking on TVgwinnett Live in the left navigation bar.

The programming on TVgwinnett meets written programming guidelines and relates to County government programs, policies, and issues. The channel also carries information about state and federal issues that may affect Gwinnett residents.

Trent Bumgardner, Multimedia and Web Communications Manager
770.822.7133, fax 770.822.7189
e-mail -

Matt Wilson, Video Production Coordinator
e-mail -

Alex Roman, Video Producer
e-mail -

Jamie Lee, Video Producer
e-mail -