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Internal Audit: Mission
The Office of Internal Audit provides independent, objective assurances about the achievement of the County’s operational, financial, and compliance objectives. The office also provides advisory services that are designed to add value and assist management with improving Gwinnett County operations. The office delivers its services through a structured and disciplined evaluation of the effectiveness of the County’s risk management, control, and governance processes to accomplish its mission.
The Office of Internal Audit will provide assurance and advisory services with honesty and integrity. Internal auditors will abide by and foster the ethical principles and objectives of the County. Internal auditors will not engage in any activities that may impair objectivity or unbiased assessments. Internal auditors will protect and use information acquired in the course of their duties in a prudent manner. The Office of Internal Audit shall continuously strive to improve the quality of its services.
According to the Gwinnett County Internal Audit Charter, the Office of Internal Audit shall have the authority to conduct financial, compliance, operational, performance, and information system audits of all departments, offices, activities, and programs under the control of Gwinnett County. In performing their functions, however, the Office of Internal Audit shall have no authority over or direct responsibility for any of the activities reviewed. The Office of Internal Audit shall not develop or install procedures, prepare records, make management decisions, or engage in any activity that could compromise independence.