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Code of Ethics Training Presentation

Gwinnett County’s revised Code of Ethics provides comprehensive ethics reform and sets out strict disclosure requirements for the Board of Commissioners, Gwinnett County government employees, appointed officials, and for people doing business or wishing to do business within Gwinnett County. 

County administration distributed the Code of Ethics to officials and employees within 30 days of the effective date, as required in the ordinance. This was accomplished through mass email distribution to all employees and officials, posting of the ordinance on the County website and GC Workplace employee intranet, the inclusion of the ordinance in purchasing packages to vendors, and manual distribution to those employees who do not have regular access to a computer. 

The ordinance requires that every official and employee receive training within one year of their date of hire, appointment, or swearing-in as well as every two years after.  

For employees, Gwinnett County has included Code of Ethics training as part of the Onboard new hire orientation process. All newly appointed board members and newly elected officials will receive training on the Code of Ethics by the appropriate County department. 

The County created a video presentation about the Code of Ethics to facilitate the training requirement for officials and employees. Members of the general public are invited to watch the video, too.  

To view the Code of Ethics Training Presentation, click here.

To read the Code of Ethics Ordinance, click here.