2016 Candidate Qualifying Information
For more information on candidate qualifying in 2016, visit the Running for Office webpage.
Register to Vote Online
You can now register to vote online if you have a Georgia issued personal identification card or a Georgia issued driver’s license. Visit the Secretary of State’s website at www.mvp.sos.ga.gov/.

2016 Elections Schedule
Election Voter Registration Deadline Election Date

General Primary/Nonpartisan Election April 26 May 24

General Primary/Nonpartisan Election Runoff (if needed) April 26 July 26
General Election October 11 November 8

State General Election Runoff (if needed) October 11 December 6

Federal General Runoff (if needed) October 11 January 10, 2017

Beat the lines and vote Absentee by mail or Advance in person at the main office or one of the Satellite Voting Locations this year.

Also, be sure to check your voter registration status on the Secretary of State’s My Voter Page before the voter registration deadline to ensure your information is up to date.