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Poll Official: Frequently Asked Questions
Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a poll official. If you require further information not addressed here, please contact the Voter Registrations and Elections Office at 678.226.7210.

Is this a volunteer position and what are the hours of work?

It is a paid volunteer position; poll officials are paid for service. The rates are: poll managers $225, assistant managers $140, and clerks $105. The positions include training and additional pay for training dependent upon the position.  When all training is completed the final pay is $300 for managers, $215 for assistant managers, Issuing Clerks $145, and $120 for non-issuing clerks; for descriptions of positions see the job posting on the Job Opportunities tab.

Those who complete training but then do not work, for any reason on Election Day, will not receive pay for training.   If a poll official must leave during the Election Day due to illness or emergency, the pay will be prorated to the number of hours worked.

The hours of work actually vary among positions, however, all poll officials must report to their assigned precinct by 6:00am on Election Day and remain on duty until the polls have closed and all paperwork is completed. The poll manager and one poll official must accompany ballots and memory cards back to the Gwinnett County Voter Registrations and Elections office in Lawrenceville after all the poll activities have been completed.  All poll officials should anticipate a minimum 14 hour day, which may include a lot of standing or sitting in one position.

When do we actually receive pay?

All poll officials receive their pay approximately four weeks after the Election Date.

What type of training is required?

All poll officials are required by law to be trained prior to each election cycle. You are given access to manuals and paperwork during online training and you will receive a training certificate upon passing the online training test. As this is a requirement by law, you cannot work the polls if you have not completed training. Basic poll official training is offered online and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week during the training period. We schedule several training dates and times for specialized classes for managers to accommodate as many poll officials as possible.

How will I know the training schedule?

Your poll manager will contact you with dates and times. You will work with them and they will notify the Voter Registration and Elections Division.

Does the county provide lunch or snacks?

No. Some precinct workers bring potluck while others bring their own food and snacks. The poll manager should coordinate with all poll officials about the issue of food.

If a poll official has any type of food allergies they should make the poll manager aware in case of an emergency.

Do I really have to work all day? Why can't we do split shifts?

Yes, you have to work all day. Poll officials must be sworn in at the beginning of each election day and payroll sheets must be signed prior to the poll opening. Allowing split shifts eliminates the continuity throughout the day at the stations.

If I'm working the poll, how do I vote? Can I leave to vote if I'm not working at my precinct?

No. Poll officials are required to vote prior to Election Day. You may vote by mail up to 45 days prior to the election, you may vote advance in person up to 21 days before the election at the main office of the Gwinnett County Voter Registrations and Elections office or at one of the satellite voting locations the week immediately preceding the election. Once you've been sworn in at the polling place, you are not allowed to leave until all Election Day activities have been completed. Visit the Advance Voting or Absentee Webpage for additional information, including forms, for absentee by mail voting.

If I am a smoker, am I allowed smoke breaks?

Scheduled breaks are determined by the Poll Manager and not all facilities allow smoking on the premises.