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Budget and Administration
This section prepares, monitors, analyzes, and provides a financial plan (budget) to the Board of Commissioners for generating revenues and disbursing money to operate County government. In addition, the Budget section details the planned methods of expenditures for operating departments and the Capital Improvement Program, and identifies the financial method for providing programs and Service to the citizens of Gwinnett.

Latest Budget News

Commissioners adopt 2018 budget focused on safety, quality of life

The Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners adopted a $1.67 billion budget for 2018 at their regular meeting on Tuesday. The final budget is up about seven percent over last year, primarily due to transfers for capital improvements and increased costs for salaries and benefits. The operating budget is set at $1.28 billion with another $390 million for capital improvements, including projects funded by SPLOST.

2018 Budget At-a-Glance

Adopted 2018 budget resolution summary
Budget highlights presentation
Video: Proposed 2018 Gwinnett County Budget

“We will maintain core county services such as the jail, courts, police and fire protection, roads, transit and water, while adding a few new initiatives that reflect priorities the Board set last spring,” Nash said. “It continues our tradition of conservative budgeting based on multi-year planning, maintains adequate reserves, uses pay-as-you-go financing for capital improvements and also sets aside money for future obligations.”

Seven resident volunteers served on the budget review committee. They listened to budget requests from department directors and elected officials, studied business plans, budget needs and revenue projections, and made recommendations to Nash for the 2018 budget.

The 2018 budget and supporting documents and videos are available online at

Read more about the 2018 budget or view the adopted 2018 budget resolution summary.

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Archived Budget Reports
Visit the Financial Reports: Archives webpage to view a five-year history of budget reports.