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Homeowner Housing Rehabilitation Program

The Gwinnett County Community Development Program Office operates a Homeowner Housing Rehabilitation Program that offers a five-year deferred payment loan to qualifying homeowners with 0% interest. Eligible participants must own and occupy a single-family detached home as their principal residence in Gwinnett County. The program is intended to assist qualifying homeowners make essential repairs to their homes.

Gwinnett County Housing Homeowner Rehabilitation Program is a repair and replace program. The replacement products are mid-grade and equivalent to the product being replaced in the home for this project. The emphasis of this program is to address health and safety issues for qualifying homeowners. This program will also focus on the vital life systems of a home, which include, but are not limited to, Electrical, Roof, Plumbing, HVAC, and Environmental Mitigation (Lead-Based Paint and Asbestos).

To qualify for the Homeowner Rehabilitation Program:

  • Homeowner must be at or below the income threshold (See chart below)
  •  Homeowner must be current on Mortgage and Tax payments
  • Bankruptcies must be at least two years since the date of discharge
  • Homeowner cannot have any liens on the home

Household Size Maximum Income Limits for
Homeowner Rehabilitation Program
(Effective 3/28/2016)
1 $37,800
2 $43,200
3 $48,600
4 $54,000
5 $58,350
6 $62,650
7 $67,000
8 $71,300

For more information, call (678) 518-6008 or e-mail