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Business Personal Property

Personal property valued at $7,500 or less is automatically exempt from ad valorem taxes. The property, however must be returned, valued, and entered on the tax digest. Owners of personal property with a value of less than $7,500 receive no bill.

Personal Property Freeport Exemptions
The following types of tangible personal property are exempt from taxes:
  • Inventory of goods in the process of being manufactured or produced including raw materials and partly finished goods; 100% exemption
  • Finished goods produced in Georgia within the last 12 months: 100 percent exemption
  • Finished goods stored in Georgia within the last 12 months and destined for shipment out of state: 100 percent exemption

The Freeport filing date for 100 percent exemption is January 1 through April 1. The exemption amount for late filed applications is:

April 2 – April 30:66.67%
May 1 – May 31:58.33%
June 1:50%

Exemptions not filed by June 1 waive the entire exemption for the year.

Property Tax Exemptions & Deferrals

Certain properties are exempt from ad valorem taxes based on ownership and use of the property. (Georgia Code 48-5-41) The general rule for all exemptions is:

  • Property owner is a nonprofit organization (a copy of your IRS 501(c)(3) award letter will be requested)
  • The owner must be using the property
  • Use of the property by the owner must be for a purpose expressly exempted in Georgia Code

A property is not exempt if primarily used by a person or organization other than the owner of record, or if it is rented, leased, or used for the primary purpose of securing an income. Latent ownership of a property by a nonprofit organization does not qualify the property for exemption. For more information, please contact our office. 

The following categories are exempt: 

  • Places of religious worship
  • Purely public charities
  • Nonprofit hospitals
  • Educational institutions
  • Air or water pollution facilities
  • Nonprofit homes for the aged or mentally disabled
  • Veterans organizations
  • Historical fraternal benefit associations chartered prior to January 1, 1880