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Residential & Commercial Property Returns

A residential or commercial real estate property return is not required. A property return is not an appeal of value and is helpful in limited circumstances. If your property has changed significantly in the prior year and our office may not be aware, you may want to file a return. An example of a significant change may include renovations or substantial damage that occurred during the previous calendar year.

File a 2017 Residential or Commercial Real Property Return electronically

Personal Property Returns

It’s time to file your 2017 Personal Property Return. If you own a business with furniture, fixtures, machinery, equipment and/or inventory, an aircraft, or a boat and/or motor as of January 1, you must file a property return by April 1. You are responsible for reporting all taxable personal property or penalties will be assessed. Filing your return electronically will be available beginning January 5.

To file your 2017 Personal Property Return electronically, you will need the e-File security number located on your Personal Property Return form mailed to you in January 2017. 

Step-by-step instructions are available for completing an online electronic Personal Property Return form.

Blank return forms are available here.

Applications for Freeport Exemption Inventory – Must be filed by April 1 to receive full exemption.  You may still receive a partial exemption for a late filing. The amount of the exemption you will receive is as follows: April 2 – April 30 (66.67 percent), May 1 – May 31 (58.33 percent), June 1: (50 percent).

If you have additional questions, please contact the Gwinnett County Assessor's Office at 770.822.7220 or by email at

Important notice: If you are submitting your return by mail, metered mail will not be accepted as proof of a timely property tax return. Only the USPS cancellation stamp will be considered when determining if the return has been filed on time.