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The Treasury Division provides a number of financial services, including insuring County assets, settlement of property and liability claims, long- and short-term debt management, capital funding support, cash and investment management, pension investments, disbursements and tax compliance. The division is responsible for timely and accurate payment of vendors and employees as well as timely and accurate settlement of property and liability claims. Other duties include safeguarding the County's investment assets and bank balances, selection and accounting for investments, administering bond issues, facilitating banking relations, and coordinating services provided by the County's financial and investment advisors.

In our continuing effort to identify ways to partner with our vendors and promote electronic payments and electronic invoices over paper, please visit the “payitgreen” link below.  Converting to electronic payments and electronic invoicing not only is saving the earth’s valuable resources, you are also saving money. Visit the “green calculators” section of this site to determine your company’s environmental and financial savings.

Treasury Division Organization

Electronic Payments

Vendors accepting procurements should select one of Gwinnett County’s electronic payment options:

  1. A vendor may select ePayables payment process which allows acceptance of Gwinnett County’s virtual credit card as payment for outstanding invoices. The authorized vendor representative must send an email to: and indicate the desire to enroll in Gwinnett County’s virtual credit card payment process.
  2. A vendor may select Direct Deposit payment process and the payment will be deposited directly into an account at their designated financial institution. To securely enroll in Direct Deposit, either access your online Vendor Login and Registration on the County’s website and update the requested information on the Direct Deposit tab or mail a Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement form.
  3. Vendors may provide ABA routing, account number, contact information, and an email address for payment advice notification directly on their invoice in a remit to section in lieu of completing the Direct Deposit Authorization Form to receive the benefits of getting paid electronically. 

The County will send a Payment Advice notification via email for both payment types.

For additional information, please see the Benefits of Electronic Payments and FAQs.

To Expedite Processing of Invoices

Gwinnett County requires that the following items are clearly indicated on your invoices:

  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Purchase Order number: The Gwinnett County system generated purchase order number assigned to you
  • Service Address: The Gwinnett County department where goods or services have been performed
  • Description of services: Description of services performed and detail on all materials provided in the scope of work performed
  • Remittance address: Address where payment is to be sent
  • Date of Service: Provide date in which services were performed
  • Contact information: Vendor name, address, phone number, and email address
  • For expedited payment, please include ABA routing, account number, and an email address for payment advice notification

* If you have submitted invoices electronically to, do not mail or hand deliver hard copies of invoices. Doing so will slow down processing of your invoices.