Extreme fire danger caused by ongoing drought has prompted a temporary ban on the following: all outdoor burning; smoking, grilling, and campfires in all County-operated parks; and fireworks usage.
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OUTDOOR BURN LINE:  678-518-4979
Burn Day Information

Outdoor Burning Ban in Effect

Due to HIGH FIRE DANGER, all outdoor burning is banned in Gwinnett County.

The ban on outdoor burning includes the burning of all yard waste and debris (leaves, branches, twigs, and pine straw), commercial land clearing, and pit burns as well as the discontinuance of permits for all bonfires.

At this time the ban on outdoor burning does not include commercially available fire bowls, fire pits, chimineas, or masonry outdoor fireplaces. Only clean, untreated wood should be used in these devices.

The ban on outdoor burning is temporary and will be rescinded when significant rainfall has occurred and the drought conditions have improved substantially. Contact the Gwinnett County Fire Marshal’s office at 678.518.4980, Monday through Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm, with questions.

Medical Burn Ban
A Medical Burn Ban may be established by the Fire Marshal to provide relief for citizens with a medical condition that may be adversely affected by smoke from outdoor burning.

Citizens may request a Medical Burn Ban by having their medical doctor complete, sign, and submit the “Medical Burn Ban Application” annually and returning the original form to the Fire Marshal’s Office.

Citizens may request a “Medical Burn Ban application” by contacting our office at 678-518-4980 or email

Upon approval of the request, a Medical Burn Ban will be established for a radius of approximately one quarter mile around the intersection nearest the applicants address.

The Medical Burn Ban prohibits the burning of yard debris, commercial pit burns, and related types of burning within the burn ban area.  Cooking fires and recreational fires being used safely and in accordance with state and local laws and ordinances are not included in the medical burn ban.

Medical Burn Bans will be discontinued May first of each year with the implementation of the Summer Burn Ban by the State of Georgia.  A new application must be completed and submitted to the Fire Marshal’s Office each year.  Previously approved applicants will be notified to renew their application by September first of each year to maintain the medical burn ban in their area.

Medical Burn Ban Locations

Burn Rules & Regulations