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About C.O.P.S.
Gwinnett County's Neighborhood Watch program is called C.O.P.S. (Community Oriented Police Service).

The C.O.P.S. program requires four meetings over approximately one year's time. The meetings are as follows: 

1. Introduction: 50 percent of all homes in the neighborhood must participate in this initial meeting. The introduction explains the cops program and the benefits 
2. Liaison/Block captain orientation and Lock and Alarm: All leaders learn their roles in the cops program as well as a thorough review of home safety tips to better secure your home 
3. Program of your choice: See below 
4. Annual C.O.P.S. Festival

The programs offered are as follows:

  • Personal Safety
  • Home Safety (Locks, Alarms, Etc.)
  • Child Safety (30 minutes)
  • Senior Citizen Safety
  • Child Safety for Parents
  • Gang Awareness for Teens and Parents
  • Drug Awareness for Teens and Parents
  • Sexual Assault Prevention
  • Domestic Abuse/Family Violence
  • Consumer Fraud and Scams
  • Safe Driving in Gwinnett
  • Firearm Safety for Adults
  • Robbery/Shoplifting Prevention
  • Teen Safe Driving

Please contact the coordinator below for further information or questions: