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Police Training

The Training Section of the Gwinnett County Police Department consists of five units: the Basic Mandate Academy, firearms training, in-service training, drivers training and civilian training.

The Basic Mandate Academy includes the 404 hours of training required by the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council. The Department's commitment to training is exemplified in that an additional 356 hours of training is required for graduation from the Gwinnett County Police Academy.

The Training Section does offer an abbreviated Basic Mandate Academy to previously Georgia Certified Police Officers, which consists of ten weeks of intense training to ensure that officers with previous experience meet the standards dictated by the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council.

Each year, certified peace officers are required to attend 20 hours of in-service training in order to maintain state certification. Each sworn member of the department attends the minimum 20-hour requirement. In-service training consists of both classroom and practical exercises that reflect judicial changes and current tactical techniques that will enhance an officer's skill and knowledge.

The staff of the Training Section consists of 18 full-time instructors supplemented by more than 100 certified and advanced-certified instructors throughout the department. Outside instructors include subject matter experts from various disciplines, including the District Attorney's Office, the Georgia Prosecuting Attorney's Council, The Georgia Sexual Assault Center, the Gwinnett County Fire and Emergency Services Department, the Georgia Police Academy, and the Georgia Public Safety Training Center.