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Identity Fraud Information and Links

Identity Fraud is one of the many crimes that the Electronic and Financial Crimes Unit (EFCU) investigates. Identity Fraud, and many of the underlying offenses (Forgery, Financial Transaction Card Theft and Fraud, Theft by Deception), can be reported and prosecuted in the jurisdiction in which the suspect actually used the information, but Georgia law specifically allows for the reporting and prosecution of Identity Fraud in the county or city in which the victim resides.

While the Gwinnett County Police Department is committed to investigating incidents of Identity Fraud, not all reported cases can be successfully investigated and prosecuted. A number of variables are considered when assigning a case for investigation. These include, but are not limited to, jurisdiction over the crime, the identity and location of any suspects, the availability of any real leads in the case, the amount of actual loss, the location of the person or company suffering the actual loss, and the caseloads of the Investigators assigned to the Electronic and Financial Crimes Unit.

Please remember that even if you have been a victim of Identity Fraud, it does not mean you are without courses of action and resources. Victims still have to secure their identity and provide information to creditors and the credit reporting services. After filing a police report, the following companies and government agencies can be contacted for additional information.
Federal Trade
Social Security
Georgia Governor's Office of Consumer
FACT Act (Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act)