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Special Investigations Section
The Special Investigations Section investigates offenses and enforces local ordinances and state laws regarding organized crime, narcotics, vice activity, and alcoholic beverage sales. The Special Investigations Section has six sections: the Alcohol and Vice Enforcement Unit, the Crime and Intelligence Analysis Unit, the Highway Interdiction Team, the Intelligence Support Operations Unit, the Asset Forfeiture Unit, and the Narcotics Unit.

The Alcohol Unit is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Gwinnett County Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance. The unit also works closely with state and federal agencies and local licensing/revenue departments to ensure compliance with laws dealing with alcohol. The Vice Unit is responsible for investigating crimes of moral turpitude including prostitution, gambling, obscenity, and solicitation.

The Crime and Intelligence Analysis Unit is responsible for collecting and analyzing crime and incident data in an effort to identify crime patterns and trends.

The Asset Forfeiture Unit submits required documentation during asset forfeiture proceedings in Superior Court.

The Highway Interdiction Team combats the flow of illegal drugs traveling through Gwinnett County. The team’s primary function is traffic stops; however, it also assists other units within the Special Investigations Section when a uniform presence is needed.

The Intelligence Support Operations Unit is responsible for collecting information about individuals or groups to anticipate, prevent, or monitor criminal activity. This unit maintains intelligence files on the activities and associates of organizations, businesses, groups, or individuals that are suspected of being, or having been, involved in the actual or attempted planning, organizing, financing, or commission of criminal activities with known or suspected crime figures. Investigators involved in both internal and external investigations as well as local and federal agencies use this information. The investigators assigned to this unit actively assist all of the units in Special Investigations with their investigations.

The Narcotics Unit’s primary responsibility is to investigate violations of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act. Officers investigate all drug cases which includes tip line complaints, street sales, and long-term drug investigations.

The narcotics tip line is 770.513.5480. Although anonymous complaints are taken, it is recommended that the complainant's leave their name and call back number to assist with additional follow up. Citizens may also send information by email to