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Professional Development Within The Department
The Gwinnett County Police Department offers challenging and rewarding assignments. After two years of successful performance as an officer you will be eligible for transfer to one of the following units:

Criminal Investigations: Responsible for criminal investigations including violent and property crimes, child protection, financial crimes, auto theft and gang unit. Special Investigations includes the vice squad, alcohol enforcement, the permit unit, and the narcotics squad.

SWAT: It is the intent of the Gwinnett County Police S.W.A.T. Team to provide a highly trained and skilled tactical team as a resource for the Gwinnett County Police Department in the handling of critical incidents in order to reduce the risk of injury or loss of life to citizens, police officers, and suspects. 

Special Operations: This includes Accident Investigation Unit, DUI Task Force, Motorcycles, K9, and Quality of Life Unit.

Aviation: Provides direct support to the Uniform Division and general support to other divisions and County government using two new MD 530F helicopters.

Opportunities For Promotion
The Gwinnett County Police Department offers excellent opportunities for promotion and advancement within the agency. The current rank structure and scope of promotions is as follows:
1. Police Officer I: Entry-level status
2. Police Officer Sr.: Appointment by the Chief of Police
3. Police Officer Corporal: 
  • Written Examination: A written examination, as defined in Section 330.04, will be administered and scored by the Human Resources Department.
  • Phase II (optional): A Phase II written exam or simulation, as defined in Section 330.04, may be administered and scored by the Human Resources Department. Candidates obtaining a passing rating will advance to the Phase III assessment center, or if applicable, eligibility list.
  • Phase III Assessment Center (optional): An assessment center, as defined in Section 330.04, may be administered and scored by the Human Resources Department. Candidates shall be assigned to an eligibility list or be deemed ineligible. 
4. Police Officer Sergeant: The promotional procedures for Police Sergeant shall be the same as those for Corporal, except the written exam shall be optional at the discretion of the Chief of Police. 
5. Police Officer Lieutenant: The promotional procedures for Police Lieutenant shall be the same as those for Police Sergeant.
6. Major, Assistant Chief and Deputy Chief: As a position appointed by the Chief of Police, the Chief may use discretion in determining evaluation techniques used for the Major, Assistant Chief, and Deputy Chief positions.

Leadership & Development Classes With The County
Gwinnett County aims to increase its effectiveness by working to develop leadership within the organization. Training and development programs such as management development, team building, leadership, interpersonal effectiveness, and new employee orientation enable us to achieve our mission. Two of the County’s main leadership courses are the EXCEL Program and the LEAD Academy.

The EXCEL Program is a management development program designed especially for Gwinnett County’s current and future management employees that provides structure and support for ongoing professional development.

The program’s name, EXCEL, represents key components of the program’s curriculum:





The objectives of the EXCEL Program are to provide structured support and development to competent and informed leaders, encourage continuous professional growth of management, and develop a pool of managers with skills for senior leadership consideration.

The LEAD Academy was developed to support Gwinnett County supervisors and is customized to form the foundation of management development within Gwinnett County Government. The County’s culture, general expectations, policies, and procedures have all been carefully incorporated into the program’s curriculum. The LEAD Academy was designed to be results-oriented and structured to provide County leaders with practical skills and knowledge to perform their jobs in an efficient, effective, and ethical manner.

The program requires completion of courses over a three-month period in which participants are required to attend one full-day course on a weekly basis.

The program’s name, LEAD, represents key components of the program’s curriculum:





The intended audience for this course is new supervisors and strategic non-supervisory employees.

The purpose of the LEAD Academy is to develop County supervisory personnel with the following objectives:

  • Provide high-quality services to Gwinnett County’s diverse customers and employees
  • Desire to make a significant leadership contribution to the County and the community
  • Motivate employees to achieve superior levels of performance and productivity
  • Value lifelong learning and professional development