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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have an airline flight to . . . ?
No. Gwinnett County Airport does not have scheduled airline flights. We are a general aviation airport. The primary airline airport for the area is Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. We do have charter companies that can take you around the world on your schedule. You can check our business listings section for contact information.

Where do I go to pick up a passenger?
Because Gwinnett County Airport does not offer scheduled passenger service, there is no centralized passenger terminal.  Businesses or charter companies flying into the airport often drop passengers off at one of the Fixed Base Operators (FBOs) located at the airport. There are currently two FBOs on the airport, Aircraft Specialists Jet Center on the south side of the airport and Gwinnett Aero on the north side. Ask the person you are picking up which business they will be parking at once they arrive at the airport, and then you can contact that business for more specific pick-up information. Please check the business listings section for more information on the FBOs and other airport businesses.

How is the level of activity at the airport measured?  How busy is the airport?
Activity levels at general aviation airports are measured by aircraft operations. An operation is defined by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a takeoff or a landing. So, a “touch and go” conducted by a training aircraft counts as two operations.  In terms of takeoffs and landings, Gwinnett County Airport is the fourth busiest airport in Georgia behind Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson International (Airline Airport), DeKalb Peachtree Airport (General Aviation), and Savannah Airport (Airline Airport). This makes Gwinnett County Airport the second-busiest general aviation airport in the state.

Can I learn to fly an airplane?
Gwinnett County Airport has a number of flight schools that would love to help you learn to fly. Visit our business listings section to arrange for an introductory flight in a fixed-wing or helicopter.

Can I fly out of the airport if I don’t own an airplane? It’s so close to my house.
Absolutely. Our charter companies are more than willing to fly you to your destination. Visit our business listings section for more information on these services.

Is there a restaurant located at the airport?
Definitely. The Flying Machine Restaurant (770.962.2262) is located on the south side of the airport. Check the business listings section for more information.

Can I or my group get a tour of the airport?
Certainly.  There is a retired Gwinnett County teacher that provides free tours for the airport.  His name is Duane Huff and you can contact him at 770-962-3117.  The tours include a visit to his hangar, his aircraft, age appropriate instruction on aircraft parts and terminology, use of a simulator to show how control stick inputs affect the different aircraft control surfaces, and a tour of the ramp area so students can see different types of aircraft.   If you have any difficulty contacting Mr. Huff, please contact airport administration at 770-822-5196 and we will help you arrange a tour.