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General Primary/Nonpartisan General Election Results

This is your source for election results for the General Primary/Nonpartisan General Election.
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Accessible Services
Gwinnett County offers many programs to provide transportation options for seniors and individuals that cannot access the fixed route system.  If you have questions on any of the programs you see here please call Gwinnett County Transit Customer Service at 770.822.5010 and they can help.
Half Fare
Half Fare is a program available on the fixed route local services for any person over the age of 65, a person with a disability or a Medicare card holder.  In order to receive the benefit proof of eligibility is required to be displayed to the operator.

A Half-Fare customer could also apply for a Half -Fare GCT Breeze card that would allow for easy fare loading and reloading and free transfers to MARTA.  A customer would need to also get a MARTA Half-Fare Breeze Card for a trip starting with MARTA to receive the free transfer benefit to GCT.

More details can be found on the Half Fare Application or by calling GCT customer service at 770.822.5010.

ADA Paratransit
Gwinnett County's paratransit service is a specialized transportation service of Gwinnett County Transit, providing curb-to-curb shared ride bus service for eligible persons with disabilities. This service is complementary to Gwinnett County's local fixed-route bus service in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

For a map of the Paratransit Service Area, please follow this map link.

ADA Paratransit Rider’s Guide
The Paratransit Rider’s Guide provides an overview of the system, policy and procedures and answers frequently asked questions.  If you have further questions or would like to request a modification please call Gwinnett County Customer Service at 770.822.5010.

A printable version of the Paratransit Rider's Guide is available (see link below).

Paratransit Rider’s Guide - English
Paratransit Rider’s Guide – Spanish/Espanol
Paratransit Ride’s Guide – Korean/한국어
Paratransit Rider’s Guide – Vietnamese/Tiếng Việt
Paratransit Rider’s Guide – Chinese/中文

ADA Paratransit Application
In order to be eligible for paratransit service a potential customer must fill out both Parts A and B of the application to being the process. (links below).  Visitors please refer to the riders guide about eligibility during your visit in Gwinnett County. 

A printable version of the Paratransit Application is available (see link below).

Paratransit Application - English
Paratransit Application – Spanish/Espanol
Paratransit Application – Korean/한국어
Paratransit Application – Vietnamese/Tiếng Việt
Paratransit Application – Chinese/中文

ADA Paratransit Real Time Tracking and Arrivals
Existing Paratransit riders can sign up for real time tracking and arrival alerts.  The program will provide customers the ability to sign up for reservation reminders, estimated vehicle arrival, actual vehicle arrival and delay notices.  For more information call the Paratransit Reservation Desk at 770.245.4770 and ask about additional information on how to sign up for “Where’s My Ride”.

Recording an ADA Complaint
Customers that have an complaint, including ADA, Title VI and EEO complaints, may submit their complaint on the Feedback form on this website or by calling 770.822.5010.  For further details on the ADA complaint procedure please follow this link.

Senior Services
Gwinnett County also offers limited services through the Senior Services “Get in Gear” program.  For more information please visit the Senior Services Page.
CPACS or the Center for Pan Asian Community Services is a private nonprofit with services in Gwinnett County.  CPACS runs a small transit program with the aid of FTA 5307 funds.  For more information visit the Transportation Section of CPACS website.