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Suspect Arrested After Stealing Multiple Vehicles and Causing Several Hit & Runs

(Norcross, Georgia)  A man has been arrested after committing multiple hit and runs and stealing at least 4 vehicles, one of which is a Gwinnett County Police patrol car.

At about 1:15pm, a ...

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Credit Card Skimming Operation Ended

(Duluth, Georgia) Gwinnett County Police have ended a credit card skimming operation that was happening at Studio Movie Grill 3850 Venture Drive in Duluth. The arrest of Tiffany Webb, 23 led to the ...

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UPDATE #1: Shooting - 3639 Fence Road, Auburn - Suspects Identified

Update #1, 08/01/2017: Two suspects have been captured and one is still on the run.  At approximately 5:40pm (07/31), officers doing a ground search located suspect #2, Dylan J. Grant (age 19, ...

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Two Purse-Snatchers Arrested

(Norcross, Georgia)  Two purse-snatchers have been arrested following two recent robberies.  Christian J. Williams and Deon R. Hawkins are both facing robbery charges. 

The first ...

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GCPD's 98th Police Academy Gives Back

(Lilburn, Georgia)  This past Saturday (07/29/2017) the 98th Police Academy partnered with Yo! Gwinnett at their back to school bash. The event was held at Berkmar High School between ...

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