Cable TV Franchises

The Licensing and Revenue office in theĀ Planning and DevelopmentĀ Department administers franchise agreements between Gwinnett County and four cable television companies. This includes assisting customers with unresolved complaints and ensuring that the providers comply with the terms of the franchise agreement. Each company is allowed to provide service anywhere in unincorporated Gwinnett County.




Gwinnett County cannot regulate rates charged for cable service or the channels available because the FCC has declared Gwinnett County a competitive market, where no one provider has more than 80 percent of the cable customers.

If you have a problem with your cable provider, please give the company's customer service office a reasonable oppotunity to correct the problem. If they have not been able to rectify the situation after 30 days, you can fill out the formal complaint form below and send it to the Gwinnett County License and Revenue Office for assistance in correcting the problem.

Cable Communications Complaint Form
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TVgwinnett is operated by Gwinnett County government and is available on:

AT&T - channel 23 in Gwinnett County
Charter Communications - channel 23 in Gwinnett County
Comcast - channel 23 or 25 (Comcast Winder) in Gwinnett County

Check the current TV Gwinnett Program Schedule. Or click here to see what's on right now.

GCPS TV is operated by Gwinnett County Public Schools and is on the following cable channels in Gwinnett County:

AT&T- Channel 21
Charter Communications - Channel 22
Comcast - Channel 24