Man Wanted for Kidnapping Attempt after Following Woman Home from Buford Walmart

(Buford, Georgia) Gwinnett County Police have obtained arrest warrants and are actively searching for Jamez Maclin, 6’0” 165lb, 23. He is wanted for felony Kidnapping and misdemeanor Battery. He is accused of following a woman home from Walmart at 3795 Buford Drive in Buford and attempting to kidnap her. The incident happened shortly before midnight last night when the woman went to the Walmart to shop. When she walked out of the store, she noticed a white BMW parked behind her vehicle. As she drove home, she noticed that a car was behind her but did not realize that the vehicle was actually following her. The woman pulled into the driveway, got out of her vehicle, and walked to her front door. As she opened the front door, an unknown man grabbed her from behind. The woman screamed and as her mother came running to the door, the man released her and fled the scene in a white BMW.

Police responded to the incident location and to the Walmart. Officers located a white BMW in the parking lot. The woman was able to confirm that the suspect who was the registered owner of the vehicle was the person who tried to kidnap her. Police also drove the woman back to Walmart and she confirmed that the vehicle in the parking lot was the same one that had just left her house. Police reviewed Walmart video surveillance and were able to see that the same vehicle followed the woman out of the parking lot. As officers responded to Walmart during the initial response, it appears that the suspect walked into the store and then out of the store ultimately fleeing the area on foot.

This morning shortly after 8 a.m. the suspect attempted to report his car stolen from an address in Buford. 911 dispatchers and police were aware that the vehicle was related to a kidnapping attempt. Police responded to the location and were unable to find the suspect at the scene. It is believed that he reported the car stolen to cover up the fact that he used the vehicle during a kidnapping attempt.

This was a very dangerous situation that could have ended differently if the woman had not screamed and had help from her mother. Police strongly urge women not to shop alone late at night. It is always a good idea to park in well-lit areas and look around your vehicle before you get out of your car. If you have suspicions that you are being followed, do not ignore them, drive to the nearest police precinct or heavily populated area and call 911.    

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