(Lawrenceville, Ga., Aug. 17, 2011) - Gwinnett County Government has launched an interactive web page that lets property owners see the value they get in county services for the property taxes they pay. The page is titled Where Your Property Taxes Go and can be accessed from the Your Money button on the home page of the County's website,

The property tax calculator details how property taxes are allocated among various functional areas of county government such as public safety, sheriff and judicial, public works and transportation, and recreation. The tool also provides specific examples of the many services provided to county residents.

Residents may access the information in the property tax calculator by searching for a specific property or entering a fair market value. When searching for a particular property, users may enter one of several pieces of information: physical address, mailing address, parcel identification number, or owner name. The calculator will return an estimate of the total property taxes and fees paid based upon the most recent bill, including a pie chart showing how the taxes were allocated to each of the functions and activities of the County government.

The fair market value option displays estimated county, state and school taxes only; it does not include fees, city taxes, or exemptions because those are unique to each property owner. The tool works for residential and commercial properties alike.

Commission Chairman Charlotte Nash said, "We hope that the property tax calculator will inform property owners about how much they pay in county taxes and what they get for their money. I am confident that most of us will be surprised at all the services provided through our property taxes."

The property tax calculator project is one of many the County has worked on over the past few years to increase the transparency of its financial activities.

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