Boards, Auth. and Committees

View Point Health Board

View Point Health (VPH), formerly known as GRN Community Service Board, was organized and recreated effective July 1, 2006, as a public corporation which is an instrument of the State of Georgia and a public agency under O.C.G.A. § 37-2-6. View Point Health provides mental health, developmental disabilities, and addictive diseases services within the counties of Gwinnett, Rockdale, and Newton. 

  • The governing authority shall seek to ensure that such appointments represent various groups and disability services
  • Gwinnett County appoints four (4) member to this board and the View Point Health Board appoints one (1) member to this board to represent Gwinnett County

For more information, visit View Point Health.

Members serve for a term of three (3) fiscal years.

Generally, meetings held the first Thursday of every month (except April, July, and October) at 175 Gwinnett Drive, Lawrenceville, Georgia. The Board also holds an annual meeting in June of each year. For detailed information on meetings, visit View Point Health.


Gwinnett County shall appoint a total of five (5) members to the View Point Health Board:

 Advocates (3)

  • a consumer of disability services: a psychiatrist, a psychologist, or other behavioral health or development disabilities professional;
  • a law enforcement officer;
  • a family member of a consumer;
  • an advocate for disability services;
  • a parent of a child with mental illness or addictive disease;
  • or a local leader or businessperson with an interest in mental health, developmental disabilities, and addictive diseases.

Elected Official (1)

  • serves while in office

View Point Health Appointee (1)

  • The View Point Health Board may appoint one member to serve on the VPH Board in order to address variation in the population of the counties or the financial contributions of the counties. Such member shall be appointed by resolution adopted by the View Point Health Board, who may then request that the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners approve the appointment.

The county governing authorities shall seek to ensure that appointments represent various groups and disability services. The county governing authorities shall take into consideration that at least one member of the Board is an individual trained or certified in finance or accounting, but, if after a reasonable effort at recruitment there is no person trained or certified in finance or accounting within the Community Service Board area who is willing and able to serve, the county governing authorities may consider for appointment any other person having a familiarity with financial or accounting practices.

Appointees must take the oath of office contained in O.C.G.A. § 37-2-6(n) before taking office.

Active Members
Appointed By Position Name Representing Term Expires
BoC Appointment Beauty P. Baldwin Advocate 06/30/2025
BoC Appointment Stephen Goux Advocate 06/30/2025
BoC Appointment Dr. Clay M. Hunter Advocate 06/30/2024
BoC Appointment Jasper Watkins III Elected/Appointed Official 06/30/2025
View Point Health Board Marline Thomas View Point Health Board Appointee: Gwinnett County 06/30/2026