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Investment Committee

On November 15, 1988, the Board of Commissioners adopted an Investment Policy to set forth the investment and operational policies for the management of the public funds of Gwinnett County. The most recent update to the Investment Policy was approved by the Board of Commissioners on November 27, 2018. The Investment Committee is comprised of:

  • Chairwoman of the Board of Commissioners
  • County Administrator
  • CFO or Director, Department of Financial Services
  • Deputy Director of Financial Services
  • Treasury Division Director or Investment Manager
  • County contracted Financial Advisor, RPMC Consultant, or someone having appropriate skills and experience as nominated by a member of the Investment Committee to serve in this capacity and approved by the Investment Committee
  • Representative of a comparable government within the Atlanta metropolitan area which is similar in complexity and size to Gwinnett County, as nominated by a member of the Investment Committee to serve in this capacity and approved by the Investment Committee

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Generally, meetings are held at least annually, generally in March at the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center, 75 Langley Drive Lawrenceville, Georgia 30046. For detailed information on meetings, please click the blue button above.

  • County staff serving on the Committee are members by position held
  • External Committee members should have sufficient experience and/or credentials (such as a CFA, CCM, or CTP designation) to support and advise the Investment Committee
Responsibilities / Powers
  • The Committee serves in an advisory capacity
  • The Committee is responsible for adequately communicating appropriate objectives and goals to the Chairwoman, Board of Commissioners, County Administrator, Deputy County Administrator/CFO and the Director of the Department of Financial Services
  • The Committee is charged with the following activities: Establish procedures for calling and conducting its meetings, meet at least annually to review the administration and performance of the County's Investment Program, evaluate and approve changes to the Investment Policy, periodically deliberate such topics as economic outlook, portfolio diversification, risks and returns, and ensure adequate controls are in place and the County is in compliance with current law and internal policies
  • The Committee may directly select, contract for services and otherwise engage Investment Managers, Investment Consultants and other professionals to assist in managing County funds
Active Members
Appointed By Position Name Representing Term Expires
Ex-Officio Member Nicole L. Hendrickson Chairwoman, Board of Commissioners Incumbent
Ex-Officio Member Glenn Stephens County Administrator Incumbent
Ex-Officio Member Buffy Alexzulian Director of Financial Services Incumbent
Ex-Officio Member Laurie Puckett Deputy Director Financial Services Incumbent
Ex-Officio Member Michael Poole Investment Manager Incumbent
Joe Heffron Comparable Government Representative
Markell Bryant County contracted Financial Advisor, RPMC Consultant, or similar