Boards, Auth. and Committees

Board of Health

The Board of Health was established in 1914 by Georgia law and consists of seven (7) members:

Four (4) Gwinnett County appointments:

  1. One (1) member shall be the chief executive officer of the governing authority of the county (Chairwoman, Board of Commissioners)
  2. One (1) member shall be a physician actively practicing medicine in the county and licensed under Chapter 34 of Title 43
  3. One (1) member shall be a consumer, a representative of a consumer, or a person from an advocacy agency or group, which member will represent on the board the county's consumers of health services
  4. One (1) member shall be a consumer member who will represent on the board the county's needy, underprivileged, or elderly community

Three (3) Board of Health appointments:

  1. One (1) member shall be the chief executive officer of the governing authority of the largest municipality of the county (Mayor of city)
  2. One (1) member to be appointed by the governing authority of the largest municipality in the county shall be a person interested in promoting public health
  3. One (1) member shall be the county superintendent of schools/other school personnel may be designated by said superintendent for such time period as determined by the superintendent but not to exceed such superintendent's contract term

For more information, visit GNR Health.


Members serve six-year terms, with the exception of the Superintendent of Schools, Mayor of the largest municipality, and the Board of Commissioners Chairwoman, or designee, who serve terms while holding that office.

Generally, meets bimonthly, second Monday of the month at 8:00am at 2570 Riverside Parkway, Lawrenceville, Georgia. For detailed information on meeting dates and times, contact


In accordance with State law.

Responsibilities / Powers
  • Establish/adopt bylaws for its own governance. Meetings shall be held no less frequently than quarterly;
  • Exercise responsibility/authority in all matters within the county pertaining to health unless the responsibility for enforcement of such is by law that of another agency;
  • Take such steps as may be necessary to prevent and suppress disease and conditions deleterious to health and to determine compliance with health laws and rules, regulations, and standards adopted thereunder;
  • Adopt and enforce rules and regulations appropriate to its functions and powers, provided such rules and regulations are not in conflict with the rules and regulations of the department. Such rules and regulations must be reasonably adapted to the purposes intended and must be within the purview of the powers and duties imposed upon the county board of health by this chapter;
  • Receive and administer all grants, gifts, moneys, and donations for purposes pertaining to health pursuant to this chapter;
  • Make contracts and establish fees for the provision of public health services provided by county boards of health, including but not limited to environmental health services, which fees may be charged to persons or to establishments and premises within the county for inspection of such establishments, premises, structures and appurtenances thereto, or for other county board of health services. All such fees may be used to defray costs of providing such local services and shall supplement but not replace state or federal funding. No person shall be denied services on the basis of that person's inability to pay. The scope of services, operating details, contracts, and fees approved by the county board of health shall also be approved by the district director of health. No fees for environmental health services may be charged unless the schedule of fees for such services has been approved by the county governing authority;
  • Contract with the Department of Public Health or other agencies for assistance in the performance of its functions and the exercise of its powers and for supplying services which are within its purview to perform, provided that such contracts and amendments thereto shall have first been approved by the department. In entering into any contracts to perform its functions and to exercise its powers, and for supplying services which are within its purview to perform, any county board of health or any health district created under the authority of Code Section 31-3-15 shall be considered an agency and such agency shall have the authority to contract with any other county board of health; combination of county boards of health; any other health district; public or private hospitals; hospital authorities; medical schools; training and educational institutions; departments and agencies of the state; county or municipal governments; persons, partnerships, corporations, and associations, public or private; the United States government or the government of any other state; or any other legal entity; and
  • The county board of health in each county of this state having a population of 400,000 or more according to the United States decennial census of 1990 or any future such census is authorized to develop and implement activities for the prevention of injuries and incorporate injury prevention measures in rules and regulations which are within the purview of the county board of health to promulgate which shall be effective when adopted by an ordinance of the county governing authority.

Also see Code Section 31-3-5. For more information, visit the Gwinnett Newton Rockdale County Health Departments website.

Active Members
Appointed By Position Name Representing Term Expires
BoC Appointment Joy Monroe Consumer Advocate 12/31/2027
BoC Appointment Chairperson Louise Radloff Elderly/Underprivileged/Needy Community Representative 12/31/2028
BoC Appointment James ā€œJā€ Lofton Smith Jr., MD Physician 12/31/2029
Ex-Officio Member Nicole L. Hendrickson Chairwoman, Board of Commissioners While in Office