Amended Notice

Amended Notice of Assessment

The Board of Assessors has reviewed your property appeal.

To respond to the correspondence sent to you by the Board of Assessors to accept or reject your amended notice of assessment proposed new value, please follow the steps below:

  1. Enter your Property ID# (this number begins with "R", "B", "M" or "A")
  2. Enter the Security Key identified on the correspondence letter you received.
  3. Click "Search"
  4. Accept or Reject your new property value
  5. Sign your Name
  6. Click Submit. (Your response is not final until you click Submit)

The time period to accept or reject the revised/amended property value listed on the amended assessment notice you received, expires in 30 DAYS from the date of your notification letter.

Once you submit your response, we will process your appeal immediately to reflect your decision. Please allow us 12 hours to update your online record to be able to view the status of your appeal on our website.

The Property ID* and Security Code* information in the boxes below are both required to continue to accept or reject your proposed Amended Notice property value.

Amended Notice