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Gwinnett County Planning Commission

The Georgia General Assembly created the Gwinnett County Zoning & Planning Commission on October 3, 1955 (now known as the Gwinnett County Planning Commission). The Planning Commission consists of nine (9) members:

  • Two (2) appointed from each of the four Commission districts  (District resident)
  • One (1) appointed by the Chairwoman of the Board of Commissioners (County resident)
  • One (1) municipal member (appointed by the governing authority of the municipality as outlined in the Ordinance)
Members serve one-year terms at the Pleasure of the Board of Commissioners.

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Generally, public hearings are held each month the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm at the Gwinnett Justice and Administration Center Auditorium, 75 Langley Drive Lawrenceville, Georgia 30046. For detailed information on meetings, please click the blue button above.

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Must be a Gwinnett County resident and/or resident of the district from which they are appointed.

Responsibilities / Powers

Responsibilities and Powers of the Planning Commission:

  • To review and make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on zoning map amendments, special uses, Unified Plan, Unified Development Ordinance-Title 2, policies and procedures of the Department of Planning and Development, and related matters
  • To assist the Department of Planning and Development and the Board of Commissioners in carrying out their various functions by making recommendations on planning issues to achieve desired benefits on behalf of present and future Gwinnett County residents and businesses
  • To report to the Board of Commissioners after research and review on any matter or class of matter referred to the Planning Commission by the Board of Commissioners before action is taken

Responsibilities Specific to Members Appointed by the Board of Commissioners:

Members of the Planning Commission are responsible for all items of business brought before them, regardless of the geographic location of the business item within the County. The Planning Commissioners appointed by each District Commissioner shall determine how to best divide the business items within that Commission District. Such division or assignment procedures shall have the concurrence of the District Commissioner making said appointments. The Planning Commissioner appointed by the Chairwoman of the Board of Commissioners shall not have an assigned planning district, but shall have "at-large" responsibilities to research and review zonings and other matters which may have an effect on Gwinnett County as a whole.

Active Members
Appointed By Position Name Representing Term Expires
Chairwoman's Appointment Jerry C. James 12/31/2022
District 1 Appointment Imran Niazi 12/31/2022
District 1 Appointment Michael Park 12/31/2022
District 2 Appointment Chairman Anthony Crotser 12/31/2022
District 2 Appointment Vice Chairman Rich Edinger 12/31/2022
District 3 Appointment Ben Archer 12/31/2022
District 3 Appointment Glen Williams 12/31/2022
District 4 Appointment LaShaun Lovett 12/31/2022
District 4 Appointment Gabe Okoye 12/31/2022