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Tree Advisory Committee

The Tree Advisory Committee was established October 26, 1999 by County Resolution consists of nine (9) members as follows:

  • Chairwoman's Appointment
  • District Commissioner – One appointment per District
  • Development Advisory Committee Member
  • Registered Landscape Architect
  • Registered Forester
  • Gwinnett Clean and Beautiful Representative
Members serve a two-year term.

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Generally, meetings are held quarterly on the second Monday of that month at 6:00pm at the Gwinnett County Justice and Administration Center, Second Floor, Conference Room A, 75 Langley Drive, Lawrenceville, Georgia 30046. For detailed information on meetings, please click the blue button above.


No employee of Gwinnett County Government may be a member of the Tree Advisory Committee.

Responsibilities / Powers
  • To advise the Board of Commissioners and the Department of Planning & Development about issues and matters of concern regarding the preservation and replacement of trees
  • To assist the Department of Planning & Development in the interpretation and implementation of the Unified Development Ordinance-Chapters 600, 610, 620, 630, and 640
  • To review proposed new regulations and amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance-Chapters 600, 610, 620, 630, and 640 and advise the Department of Planning and Development and Board of Commissioners about their impact and effectiveness
  • To establish educational and other programs to encourage proper management and maintenance of trees in the unincorporated areas of the county
  • To carry out such studies or investigations regarding trees and the land development process as the Board of Commissioners may request from time-to-time

The Tree Advisory Committee is established to review and recommend changes to, and to provide education programs about, the county’s tree preservation and replacement program as contained in the Unified Development Ordinance-Chapters 600, 610, 620, 630, and 640.

Active Members
Appointed By Position Name Representing Term Expires
Chairwoman's Appointment Roxanne Raven 12/31/2025
District 1 Appointment Patrick Carey 12/31/2024
District 2 Appointment Hilda Estrella de Lev 12/31/2025
District 3 Appointment Olayinka Aiyere 12/31/2024
District 4 Appointment Thomas DeAngelo 12/31/2025
BoC Appointment Derrick "D.A." Williams Development Advisory Committee Representative 12/31/2024
BoC Appointment Vice Chairperson Patrick Kien Gwinnett Clean & Beautiful Representative 12/31/2025
BoC Appointment Vacant Position Registered Forester Representative 12/31/2025
BoC Appointment Steve Sappington Registered Landscape Architect Representative 12/31/2024