(Lawrenceville, Ga., March 5, 2020) – At 2:25am, firefighters responded to a report of a business fire at ML Fashions located at 2713 Faithful Industrial Drive NE in Buford. A police officer reported that there were no visible flames but smoke was coming out of the building.

Crews arrived at the one-story commercial structure and found smoke pushing out of the top-right corner of the roof. Fire suppression began with a portable ground attack firefighting monitor being deployed. The self-oscillating device provided cooling and protection in combination with three 1 ¾” handlines. To ensure the fire did not run the roof line, the command decision was made to place aerial ladders into operation. The turrets on these units produced large volumes of water and assisted in extinguishing the flames. Foam was used to keep fire damage from spreading to the large amount of clothing inside of the warehouse. Searches were performed in the entire structure and no one was found inside.

Per the Incident Commander, all of the contents sustained heavy smoke damage with fire damage being confined to the right side of the building. Personnel worked quickly and with purpose to minimize damage.

Fire Investigators are actively trying to determine the cause and point of origin of the fire. Firefighters will be spending an extensive amount of time today overhauling the property.

EQUIPMENT AT THE SCENE INCLUDED: 5-Engines, 2-Ladder Trucks, 1-Squad, 1-Hazmat Truck, 1-Medic Unit, 1-Specialty Rehab Unit, 1-Air and Light Truck, 1-Medical Supervisor, 2-Battalion Chiefs, 1-District Chief, 1-Fire Investigator and 1-PIO.


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